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by: Michael G.

I am 21 and I'm STILL afraid of the black painted stripes on the bottom of the pool. what scares me the MOST about them is the color and how they wiggle in the water. LOL, but it's true, and shocking as it may sound, I cant go into public pools.

I used to have this fear also
by: Judy

I am so surprised to see that I am not the only one in the world who has had this fear. I pretty much have gotten over it, though. When I was about entering puberty (I'm now 51), I was absolutely petrified of those lines. I knew they were just paint, but they made me feel that they would reach up to grab me, like a monster from the deep.

I hated being afraid of them, including the drains, so I made it a point to touch them with my feet and sometimes go down to the lines and touch them with my hands. Pretty soon, I learned to ignore the fear. But it took years of that.

I think the key to overcoming a fear is to ignore it, after first deciding if it is something that could actually harm you or not.

by: Anonymous

I have this exact same fear as well! I avoid swimming pools with lane lines at ALL costs. This one time I went down a waterslide without knowing the bottom where you come out of the slide led to a deep 12 foot pool filled with lane lines, and I happened to look down and saw them and I started crying and swam as fast as I could to the railing. I know this is a phobia, I just wish there was a name for it so we can treat this fear :/

by: Anonymous

I have an odd phobia about large ships or boat not a fan of the pool lines either. But hey! i think i know what it is that irks me. The lines on the bottom look like shadows and to me it feels like they'd obscure something dangerous. Same thing with boats they cast untrustworthy shadows.

Thank the lord I'm not alone!
by: Evan

Gosh! I have this fear too! I can watch competitions on TV, but no way no how, I cannot swim in pools with these creepy lines!

But there's one pool that seems to be okay for me though. It has lanes but very thin light-blue ones. And they come in pairs at the width of a typical lane. I can swim comfidently in this pool because the lanes are not scary. It also indicates the lane BETTER than the typical black line!

As for deep ends, same story. As long as there's no lane lines I'm fine. Better if there was sunlight giving the vibrant light underwater.

Natural (Primal) Response.
by: Anonymous

I have always been very unsettled by the appearance of black lines at the bottom of a pool.
My best guess, at least for myself, is that on an instinctual level, we as human beings are programmed to fear/flee anything that could be perceived as a deadly predator. Water snakes, eels, sharks, and the like definitely fall into this category. The water ripples across the surface and makes the lines appear to undulate like a creature would. A lot of people here expressed a fear that "something" would grab them from below - I think this is a natural fight-or-flight instinct that's surfacing (no pun intended) and stronger than the more rational knowledge that they are merely painted lines.
It is a primal response to want to get away from anything that is perceived as potentially dangerous/deadly.

Black T Lines at the bottom of the swimming pool scare me!!!
by: Anonymous

OMG OMG OMG I just tried googling pictures of those black T lines at the bottom of the big swimming pools and I cannot even look at the pictures! It literally is the weirdest thing to be afraid of, but there it is...ever since I was a little girl I did not like the lines at the bottom of the pool and when friends would say, "hey let's swim down to the bottom of the 12 foot deep pool and TOUCH THE BLACK LINES!!!!" I would NEVER even think about doing that! Even now I'm 42 soon to be 43 and I was afraid to look at the page I searched for pictures! I cannot believe there are others out there that share this phobia...for me yes, I think in the back of my mind it replicates hammerhead sharks, BUT for me I think because it's black and large and mammouth and it looks scary I don't know what it is just looks so dominating and like maybe it's almost like the size of a whale and you're under water so deeply...maybe because it's the color and that it's so deep and you can see this BIG BLACK LONG LINE AND THEN THERE IS THE 'T' AT THE ENDS.....I get shivers right now as I write this.....soooo weird! But cool to know I am not the only one!! maybe we should all meet up and go to a pool and go down and touch them together!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it would be easier as a know what, on second thought...nahhhh...I will never go and touch those lines......

freaking lines
by: seth turner

when i was about 5 when i went to swimming lessons i was also afriad of the lines at the bottom of the pool at my ymca but but i wasnt afraid of drains but when i was about 13 i was not afraid of the black lines at the bottom of the pool and i am still not afraid of drains so the black lines at the bottom of the pool are not really move its just the reflection if you put on some pool gogels and swim to the bottom of the pool the black line are not moveing you will get yoused to it it takes time to get yoused to it it toke my time to get yoused to it

Me Too!
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know if there is a name for this fear of visually disturbing lines?

Fear of lines
by: Capucine

I'm 27 years old and have a fear lines in the pool...and I've made the conscious decision to stop this irrational fear. I want to get my open water scuba diving certification and I know the introduction to the course will require me to enter the pool and play around with my equipment at the bottom of the pool with the lines. I'm entering the pool with the help of some friends and giving a few quick glances,,yes my heart races and my minds boggles but I getting to the point of keeping them open for longer moments. I suggest this to those who want to get rid of this fear. I want to discover the marine life in the oceans.. I'm not going to let this fear prevent me from doing what I want to do.

by: becky

omg im so happy im not alone! im so scared of them too, i wont even go swimming because of them!

Don't look down!!!
by: Aquarius David

At 26 yrs old, since childhood, I've always been an excellent swimmer. The black lines at the bttm of Olympic pools FREAK ME THE HECK OUT!!!! They don't bother me as much if there are others in the pool with me, but you couldn't pay me to jump in by myself! They are especially scary at night with the underwater lights on. They appear BIGGER and BLACKER. It's almost as if they're long black drains that'll suck me in if I get too close. One thing that I've found to help me is to avoid wearing goggles. By opening my eyes under water the lines appear blurry instead of straight, solid, and vibrant. I seriously thought something was wrong with me until I saw this page.


I have been terrified of the Black Lines ever since I was little. Until recently, it has never gotten in the way of anything I wanted to do, but I love to swim and I am trying to get back into it. The problem is that my YMCA that I go to has those terrible black lines! I have tried to hop in and do some laps but every time I try, I can not do more than three without using all my energy trying not to have a panic attack! I am so tired of dealing with this fear, I love to swim in lakes and oceans and even outdoor pools or pools with no lines, but I just can't for the life of me get myself to conquer this fear. I am a rational person, and this is my only strange fear but it is a terrible one and it is getting in the way of my fun and my fitness! It is encouraging to hear that other people have gone through this, but I wish I could hear a story of how someone got over it, because I sure would love to not care about them anymore.

Yeah, I Know!
by: Anonymous

I hate hate those black lines. They scare me. Its just black and creepy. I also hate the T ones. Why would you paint a bottom of a pool with a T?What? are the swimmers going to swim in a T figure? why can't there just be no lines at all? they have the lane thingys. I love love to swim and am an active swimmer, but I just am so scared of the black lines. Why does it have to be dark on the bottom of the pool?Can't they paint it yellow or some bright color? BUt NOOOO, it has to be BLACK. Everytime i see a pool with black lines in it, i refuse to go into it. My mother always says"you need to overcome your fear" sometimes, i force myself to swim. and i think that i am over it. then i go back to the pool and get scared again. :(

OMG!!! finallly!
by: Serena

OMG!!! honestly, i thought i was the only one on the planet terrified of those black lap lines painted in the bottom of pools!!! just looking at the photo gives me anxiety.... My family are understanding about it, though they think its funny... my phobia started when i was 8 years old. i watched an episode of 'are you afraid of the dark' that changed my life forever. lol. it sounds so ridiculous, but i seriously cant help it. theyre terrifying! im 23 now and i still cant step into a pool with them. i get anxiety/panic attacks. lol. thinking about them really creeps me out too... im so happy i found others just like me. its nice to finally have someone understand me completely. it is such a relief! We definitely have to name this phobia. since it really exists, it should be recognized.

Serena :)


Stupid lines!
by: Anonymous

I always thought i was crazy too! I always think they are like electric eels or something and I will NEVER touch them! I used to be on a swim team but I quit for a diferent reason and the fear developed after! Good thing I'm not alone!

Thank You!
by: Amanda B.

It's so releiving to see that I'm not alone. Even seeing that picture you attached gives me chills. Honestly, i don't know how to help, or what advice to give. Heck, if I had any, I wouldn't be on this site today ;)

not alone!
by: Anonymous

YES!! I'm not alone!!! I though I was a weirdo!!! I HATE THOSE LINES. they make me squirmy just thinking about them now! They make me get this annoying tingly feeling in my back and the feeling that I should get out of there as fast as I can!!!

Nothing to worry about
by: :-D

I do not see a reason to be afraid of these lines I understand phobias, I have a phobia of elevators. but those black lines are there to tell the speed swimmers the straight line in witch to swim. If you put on goggles and swim to the bottom of the pool you will see that they are just lines. and think how many times has a monster grabbed you while you were swimming, 0! so the sooner you realize there is nothing to worry about the sooner you can have fun :)

by: Anna

Yeah they are Too freaky I can't swim over them or anything. I've had this fear ever since I can remember and I'm not sure why. Anybody have any advice? Because I love to swim but I can't I'm scared they are hammerhead sharks.

Well not lines but...
by: Casey

I'm 20 years old and have always hated swimming in a pool alone. I've never seen the black lines you guys are talking about, but I understand. I know it's completely irrational, but I feel like if I'm not looking down then something will get me. Sometimes I picture a shark and sometimes water-zombies its different every time but the feeling I get is the same as you guys describe with the pool lines. What really confuses me is that I LOVE to swim by myself in lakes or the ocean, but when it comes to pools I can't. I get really nervous and try to get out immediately, even if I'm in the shallow end. It sucks because I live in Florida so it's really hot and sometimes I just want to jump in my pool, but I don't because I am afraid of the nothing monsters in the pool. My heart starts beating really fast and I feel that I'll pass out. I think that if I just go out to the pool and jump in and FORCE myself to swim for a couple of hours that I'll get over my fear....but that's the hardest part.

by: Anonymous

don't worry I'm a 16 year old girl and the same thing happens to me but with images on the bottom of the pool. I've always been scared to death of them and i can't see them either i always close my eyes tightly >.< I am also terrified with images on shower curtains.

scary black lines!
by: Laura

OMG, i am so scared to death of those black lines! And I'm i so glad im not the only person! Everyone askes my why i am so scared of them like i'm the wierdest person ever! I will never touch them or swim over them, ever!

Freaky Black Lines
by: Anonymous

Same here we are not alone. I too hate pictures of pools that have the lines also. I hate the T black lines when they are at the bottom of the pool and on the sides of the pool. My heart pounds so fast when I am around them. I tend to stay away from the pools that have them. I actually refuse to swim in any pools with them. This phobia will always exist! Always. But I feel comfort in knowing that I am not alone.

scared of black lines
by: Anonymous

I'm 52 years old and I have had a fear of the black lines in a pool. If other people are around, it's not too bad, but if there's no one near by, I can't swim without panicking. I hate this fear, because I love the water and I'm a fairly good swimmer.

Lines from hell
by: Anonymous

God! I'm relived im not the only one! I HATE swimming in those lanes because of them. They look like hammerhead sharks! Whenever I swim in a lane, I use just about all my energy making sure I dont touch them. I don't even like going into a pool when they're in there. Whenever I see them, my heart starts beating really fast and I feel like the lines will start moving or something. I don't really understand why I'm scared of them because they're just painted black lines, but I've always been freaked out by them. I also hate seeing shadows in the pool. :P

I hate lines
by: Deanna

I absolutely hate those swimming lane lines!! They remind me of hammerhead sharks and I will NOT in stand on them! I try to avoid pools with them. Ever since I could remember I have had the biggest fear of these lines and now I am relieved to know that there are other people that have the same fear (phobia). I am 19 now and the fear still exists and I think it will never go away. Like I freak out when swimmers on tv are being followed by a underwater camera when they are competing. I AM GLAD I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH THE FEAR! THANK YOU GUYS FOR LETTING ME KNOW THAT I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE!!

by: Anonymous

Dude, I thought I was the only one too. My family would laugh at me in a comedy kida way when I was younger. Then they found out I was still scarred of lines onthe bottom of pools, and said "What, you are still scared of that"? I responded with yes, I don't know what it is, but when I had to take swimming courses at HS, I was freaking out the whole time swimming over them. Like they were gonna grab me or something. When I was REAL young like 5 or so, I could NOT for the life of me sit on a toilet with blue water. My aunt and parents had to force me on the toilet, b/c they didn't want to risk me having bladder problems. I am not sure if the lines onthe bottom of the pool have to do with that, or my sister's synchorized swimming that she did, or both; but I HATE THOSE LINES! I coulnd't even and still to this day enjoy the pool, and diving board. I think it was worse in the deep end for me then the close end like 4 ft of water. THANK GOD I am not the only one with this weird phobia. :) Thanks guys!

by: Toni Marie

I am utterely SCARED and FRIGHTENED of them! Whenever I am at a public pool, I see the black lines and I have to come up above quick and my heart pounds a little faster. For the love of swimming I have, I used to swim with my eyes closed passed them when I really wanted to swim. But that was my last time, if there are black lines present, its a no no for me. I remember I too,tried touching one with my feet and I caught anxiety! I am 18. This has been my entire life.

by: Anonymous

Me too! Ever since I was little I've had the exact same thing! I can't believe I'm not the only one!

I can't belive it!

I'm 25, and I've always had this phobia! I too LOVE swimming and don't mind deep pools, oceans, lakes, etc. But those lines are EERIE! I haven't ever told anyone, always thought it was just me. But get this...I think I figured out where my phobia originated. And I just found it tonight. It's an episode of Rescue 911 I saw as a kid, and when I was younger, I'd always think of this episode when I'd see those creepy black lines when I would swim at the community pool. Then naturally, the origin of the fear dissipates and I end up with just being completely freaked out by them, period. I tried getting over it once by hanging on to the side of the pool and touching one with my toe...thus resulting in a panic attack. Never tried again. I just stay away from them. I dont swim in pools that have them.



btw, here's the link to that creepy Rescue 911 video, if you dare:

me too!
by: Anonymous

I have the same fear...I didn't think anyone else did. For me it is most severe while swimming and seeing the lines get larger or smaller with distance from the water's surface. I have no idea how this started or whether it's associated with vertigo...I don't mind swimming in deep water (snorkeling, the ocean) as long as there are no lines present; the lines are definitely the cause of the phobia for me.

Me too
by: Alyssa

I have alot of the same phobias and Im 14, they still havent gone away. Only I also have afear of seeing shadows when Im swimming, which I try not to do.

Me too
by: James

I too have this phobia, im 15 and ever since i can remember ive been really freaked out by them just looking at pictures of pools designed with them scares me, im not scared of swimming in the ocean or pools without the lanes, its mainly because they remind me of sharks.

If i have to swim in a pool with them i always stay in the middle section of the pool or the shallower end.

Im glad to finaly find out im not the only one with this phobia.

dark waters
by: Anonymous

i'd say its a fear of dark/deep water. typically deep water is very dark (like in the ocean) so the mind associates darkness in water as deepness, and you can drown in deep water, or more things lurk in the deep. and the drain thing is also associated with deep water (whirlpools)

i have the same phobia
by: Chrissie

I have the same exact phobia as you. I thought i was the only one with the swimming lane phobia...but luckily i'm not. I thought there was seriously something wrong with ME...but its just a strange fear you and i have. Were not the only ones with strange its all good. =] I can't look at huge pictures of lap pools either..cuz they freak me the heck out!! Idk why..but I feel scared if im in a pool designed with the lanes..i'm not sure why?!?! Im embarassed to tell people i know =/

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