How To Release Phobia Associated With Scuba Diving?

In an attempt to discuss about phobia associated with scuba diving, our main point of discussion should be based upon claustrophobia or the fear of being suffocated in a cooped up area.

Phobia in short is an undiscovered feeling of fear or anxiety generally aroused by particular situations or things, which are harmless and safe.

Individuals suffering from claustrophobia generally show signs of infrequent pulsation of the heart, perspiration and wooziness. In brief, phobias occur when people are generally afraid of certain things in life and career.

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Thus, phobia associated with scuba diving mainly refers to claustrophobia. Under this particular phobic condition, some divers find it almost difficult to go deep inside the aquatic region or enter into a recompression chamber.

Such a condition is only apparent during times of stress and diminished visibility. Many a times a person cannot see properly under murky water, during nocturnal diving situations or when a person is diving for considerable amount of time.

However, phobia associated with scuba diving does not have any definite prescribed medication or treatment. Treatment methods that are successful in treating phobia are NLP, Hypnosis and Energy Therapy

Some of the sensory deprived situations arising due to this type of phobia include

  • Disproportional eyesight
  • Fogginess
  • Lack of spatial orientation causing unnecessary illusions. In such circumstances, people imaginatively visualize several fearful objects coming closer to them with immense speed and velocity.

Generally in relation to the phobia associated with scuba diving a person suffering from phobia or anxiety has to be properly analyzed and judged before being considered fit for scuba diving.

The person should receive proper treatment in an attempt to combat irrelevant anxiety and phobia.

However, if the person having high anxiety scores decides to take a dive he should be sensible enough to inform his instructor about his prior problems related to scuba diving.

The person should also talk to his trainer about the kind of treatment he is receiving in order to exterminate his symptoms of fears and phobias.

Phobia associated with scuba diving should be treated with utmost seriousness and attention, otherwise, there are high chances of accidents leading to fatal consequences. Safety and security of the diver is what actually matters in case of scuba diving.

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