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I suffer too
by: Anonymous

I've this phobia like if I honestly tell my views or accept my faults and mistakes, I believe people will definitely re-open this at a later point of time. They tend to forgive or sympathise with us temporarily or even support us, but the same person talks surcastically or negatively behind me. It hurts me so much. Unfortunately, this holds true in case of close relatives also.

totally get that one too
by: shawna doss

i agree with the personal information thing. thats why i avoid my fiances parents because they keep asking personal questions that i dont want them knowing because i dont trust them. and i feel if i tell them what it is theyll hold it against me later. WHICH THEY DID. they asked where my dad and mom were and i said mom lives in bakersfield and didnt say amything about my dad. so they were like well what about your dad and i said he died 3 years ago and they said sorry for your loss. that bugs the shit out of me. and my fiances father keeps bringing it up all the time he asks me questions how he died and where did he live.

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