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I fear too
by: Anonymous

i too fear that. I don't know what it is but I always feared to watch moon and stars..and even galaxies in pictures since i was kid.
I didn't see such fear in other people but what kind of fear is it?

I am just being more familiar to the pictures and i m just getting more closer to pictures related to astronomy to wipe my fear...

me too
by: Sid

i also have this phobia of looking at pictures of planets and the sun. it's really weird because ever since i was a child, i've always loved astronomy. i remember staring at pictures of planets when i was a kid and dreaming of being an astronaut. it's really weird because now that i'm a grown up man, i developed this fear of being sucked into the picture. :|

Me too...
by: Agna

Hey I have a similiar phobia, only difference is that I don't fear so much the pictures but seeing in general big "planets".. using astronomy programs on computer or watching through telescope - NO! Same as you I also do love astronomy! It's really weird...

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