Phobia about leaving my apartment like I'm being watched

by Katie
(Clinton, Ontario Canada)

I have developed a phobia about leaving my apartment. I feel like I am being watched all the time. I live on a ground floor and since I moved into this building just over 2 years ago I realized that a man who lives in this building watches my every move.

I have got to the point where I fear going out my back door and taking my dogs for their walks in case he is watching me.

I fear going out into the hallway of the building to check my mail or take my garbage/recycling to the garbage and recycling room or to do my laundry down the hall in case he's out there.

I go away for several days and visit with family and I feel fine, but as soon as I get home I shut myself indoors and fear leaving. Within 24 hours of being home I find myself non-stop crying.

I have seen this man standing out on his balcony watching me when I go out my back door.

I have seen him also watching me when I come back in my back door. I have also experienced him come out the front lobby entrance, stand and watch me walk by and then he leaves the area.

I keep my drapes pulled shut all day long because he tends the flower beds outside the building and uses this to look in my windows at me.

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