Phobia about doctors and hospitals

my story is on behalf of my 80year old mother, who has a phobia about doctors and hospitals.... my mother was admitted to hospital in January 2009 with a water infection. I left my mum in hospital on a Wednesday night and by Thursday my mum was ripping down curtains hiding under beds and trying to fight the doctors and nurses. i was told that my mum was not only confused due to the water infection but that she also had full blown dementia I am a senior care assistant for the elderly, and try to explain to the doctors that I didn't believe that dementia was the cause of how my mum was acting, we had been shopping the week before and my mother was fine, they did a brain scan and said that dementia was the cause. my mum was in hospital for two week and her stay there was not only traumatic for her but for her entire family. when mum came home everything went back to normal, mum just being SLIGHTLY confused. the following year mum had to go back into hospital due to another water infection and again mum went for the doctors even seeing people who had passed away, and trying to get out anyway she could. I was told it was the dementia getting worse, even though the year before I was told it was FULL BLOWN dementia, who was I to question a doctor...? another brain scan was carried out and surprisingly there was NO brain damage. I asked why because the year before there was lots of brain damage indicating FULL BLOWN dementia, I was then told that what my mum was suffering from was PARANOIA SCHIZOPHRENIA, to be honest I was relieved that at last what was happening to my mother had a name. Mum came home after being prescribed anti psychotic drugs. after being on these for 7 month we finally got to see a doctor over an entirely different problem, but the doctor asked about her mobility which seemed to have got really bad over the previous 6 month, he also asked to see her medication, after seeing my mother took anti psychotic drugs and asking why, I told him about the
above He didn't believe my mother was suffering from any kind of paranoia, and told me the drug that was prescribed affects mobility and he believed my mother was suffering from a phobia of hospitals, and doctors he has stopped the drug and mum is still only slightly confused although she wont get her mobility back, we are feeling better knowing that we was right,from the start, and we will never take a doctors word if we are in the slightest doubt

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