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Phobias, like all other forms of anxiety disorders, are a build up of negative emotions. In this article we will analyze a renowned way of curing phobias namely, Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP.

Jan Heering

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NLP cures many forms of mental and behavioral disorders. The best part is Neuro Linguistic Programming can cure that unruly phobia in a matter of minutes! This might sound like fantasy, but it is true.

NLP can cure your phobia incredibly fast. Again, the secret of its success lies in the fact that it targets the very seed of the phobia.

As a psychological coach, I am elaborating the procedure of NLP treatment. NLP is a relatively new approach of treating mental upsets.

NLP self-help help has become a very popular and reliable way of healing phobias. You too can benefit from the virtues of this simple yet effective technique.

The success of NLP can be attributed to the fact that it makes the phobia victim eradicate the fear himself. NLP strives to inculcate and nurture positive thoughts in your mind. It does not make you ponder on the bitter memories of the past. Instead, it teaches you to look at the future with the promises it holds.

Releasing negative emotions and putting positive attitudes in its stead can rid patients of several forms of anxiety disorders. This is precisely what NLP does. Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP, studied people who had got over their phobia to pin down the exact method of overcoming this nagging ailment.

He discovered that it is quite easy to do and popularized the techniques of NLP. The traditional treatment of desensitizing makes you accustomed to the fear stimulant and the fear it generates.

To actually eliminate the fear, one has to break the link between the two in the brain. This is accomplished by relating the fear stimulant with a different, positive response.

Fear is a normal ingredient of our emotional make up. It has a positive function, in that it alerts us to protect ourselves from approaching danger. In case of phobia, this normal fear is extended irrationally so that a panic response is generated even at harmless instances.

NLP and other successful methods of treatment discussed here cure this irrational phobia. The normal fear response is left functioning the way it should for a healthy existence.

NLP often uses an approach called the Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning to reverse the fear response with a positive feeling. Hypnosis is not an essential element. Mostly, NLP by itself succeeds in rooting out the panic response and exchange it for a better reaction.

Once the association between the phobic stimulant and the panic is broken, your phobia is cured. It is simpler and more durable to break the link and put a healthy emotion in its place.

My website also provides you with an opportunity to try NLP self-help help for yourself. NLP mostly cures phobias completely in just 15 minutes!

All you need is the determination to quell your phobia. So just try out what you think is the most suitable and live a healthy life.

Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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