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It is common knowledge that phobia patients suffer from irrational fear of a specific situation or object.

Jan Heering

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What is not known so commonly is the fact that what triggers such peculiar behavior in them.

As a phobia victim, you are constantly battling with your fear. Let us extend this to an analogy for better understanding. If you undertake a fight with an opponent, be it in a duel or a game of football, you will first assess the strategy of the opponent. In accordance with the opponent’s plans, you chalk out counter measures to foil him.

Extending the analogy further, fighting your phobia is very similar. If you know how exactly the phobia manages to overcome all your mental and physical faculties, you can prevent the same. Without proper understanding of the phobia, treatment often proves of no use.

A phobia becomes overpowering when your brain creates a strong link between a particular stimulus and a panic response. The basic functioning of the human brain is by recognizing various stimuli and generating appropriate responses. The phobic response is exaggerated and overwhelming.

This anomalous association between a stimulus and a phobic reaction is embedded in the brain of the victim. The inculcation of this long lasting association may be a result of physiological or chemical imbalances or a distressing experience in some point of life.

Due to a massive impact of traumatizing experiences, the brain locks the stimulus and the phobic response together. Consequently, full-fledged panic attacks sweep over the victim at the slightest hint of the stimulus.

Once you understand the logic behind a phobia, it becomes easy to tackle. Since, this link between the fear generating item and the anxiety is the heart of the problem, breaking the link automatically solves the problem.

So there you are, you have seen the core of your predicament and you know what to do to free yourself from its clutches! In addition, you won’t believe how easily this is accomplished.

Getting rid of a phobia therefore, simply translates into getting rid of the association between the fearsome stimulant and the panic reaction. Conventional treatment often misses this all-important point.

Treatment that alleviates the associated symptoms of a phobic response or goes over the situation repeatedly only to strengthen the vicious link, does nothing to eliminate the root cause.

Therefore, choose wisely when deciding on a treatment for your annoying phobia. You obviously do not want to waste your energy, time and money on something that simply mitigates the symptoms to provide temporary relief.

So why not go for an approach which aims at uprooting the very cause? The fact that you understand your phobia needs, treating means you can abandon it successfully too.

So, now that you are empowered with the knowledge of how your enemy works, go out and fight the battle with confidence. Liberate yourself from that wretched phobia for once and for all!

Treatment methods that are successful in treating phobia are NLP Self-Help and Energy Therapy

Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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