How To Cure Philophobia

Philophobia is an age-old phobic condition, which is quite difficult to overcome. This type of phobia is also known to all as the fear of love. It may be both – fear of falling in love or the fear of being in love.

For some falling in love is an emotional risk and if you are unsuccessful then the emotional bankruptcy you experience is too painful for you.

However, such an irrational state of fear tends to keep you away from the most valuable treasure of life – “LOVE”. You feel so nervous and insecure that you are afraid to search for your Mr. or Miss Right and enjoy the pleasure of being in love.

Often victims of philophobia tend to be shy. They cannot express their feelings nor do they give others a chance to reveal love.

Thus, they are deprived from this astounding treasure of love and worship. Victims of philophobia suffer extremely and as a result, they are in great distress.

Philophobia influences your quality of life to the extent that you are not in a position to behave normally. Everything seems boring and unpleasant to you. You lack that essential spice without which your life becomes flavorless and dull.

You don’t feel like working and you avoid mixing with your friends and colleagues. At home, your room becomes your entire world outside which everything seems irritating and uninteresting.

Common symptoms of philophobia

  • There is rapidity in breathing

  • Your breath becomes short

  • You suffer from nausea

  • You heart beat becomes irregular

  • You tend to perspire a lot

  • You start dreading everything

Most victims of philophobia do not want to enter a love association mainly because they had a former bad experience regarding love and intense relationships. They are afraid of the history being repeated.

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Again, some people hate refusals. They cannot stand anyone saying no to them. Thus, they have no intention of giving others love proposals and being insulted in form of love denials.

Some common reasons shown by victims of philophobia for not indulging in love relationships:

  • If you are philophobic you can say that you don’t want anyone exercise power over you which you think will ruin your happiness and independence

  • You may not like someone as your life partner instructing and dictating about things you should and should not do

  • One reason can be that you had an unsuccessful marriage, which ended up in a fussy divorce with lots of blames and accusations. You don’t want the same thing happen to you again

  • You may feel that if you are in love you may become dependent on your partner and lack self-confidence

  • You don’t want to love anyone simply because you are afraid of rejection

  • You may think that love, which ends up in marriage, is nothing but a list of responsibilities and liabilities and you dislike such stuffs. Therefore, your simple equation is no love = no marriage = no responsibility

  • You have seen fifty percent of marriages ending up in divorce and so you know that your relationship will not last for long

  • You have an idea that when someone is in love he tends to act stupidly or foolishly. You don’t want the same thing happen to you

  • For you lovers are rogues and you don’t want anyone make a fool out of you

In most cases philophobia occurs when the pleasure of experiencing a happy love relationship is overshadowed by the pain and suffering from an unsuccessful marriage. The emotional pain is indeed unbearable.

How to treat philophobia with the help of NLP self-help techniques
NLP technique helps you to fight with the negatives within you. NLP self-help techniques enable you to face reality in life and thus you find yourself saying, “My relationship has ended but no problem because it may be so that God has something better and more promising in store for me.”

NLP self-help technique changes your mental “constructs”. This is how you can get rid of philophobia to be a confident lover.

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