Petrified of Thunderstorms

this is me

this is me

I am petrified of thunderstorms. If I know they have the potential to become severe I start getting nervouse. My fiance has a house up in North Arkansas which is very mountainous when it storms there, the storms are usually strong.

I am now so bad that I can not enjoy myself at all there. I am scared and nervous the entire time I am there. Then when I drive back home that takes 3 hours. I drive over the speed limit trying to keep from getting caught in a storm in my car. I have driven 90 before trying to get through a storm. I could have had a really bad wreck. Still knowing that I would do it again.

I start shaking, breathing hard, tunnel vision, my neck starts feeling tight. It is not a good thing that I put myself through. I hate it! I do not know what to do.

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