Petrified of Spiders

by sophie

I live in the UK and I am petrified of spiders.
When I see 1 I freeze, I can't breathe and I cry.
Once, In class.. A daddy long legs flew into the room from the window and everyone else just batted it away, but when it came near me I jumped over the table &+ I felt physically sick.
I know a 'daddy long legs' isn't a spider, but it triggers my phobia.
As I write this, I'm sat on the couch.. Wanting to go to bed but I cant. I can't go to bed because about an hour ago, I was in my room on Facebook and I stood up and saw a spider crawling across my duvet.
At first I tried a few techniques that I have researched on the internet, to try & calm down.. But I got ahead of my self and I had kind of a panic attack. I went and sat down in the bathroom, I'm embarrassed to say this, but I was screaming and shaking and I couldn't breathe.
It was about 10 o clock at night so my mum told me to calm down, she got angry with me & we ended up arguing. <- That seems to be off the point, but we argued and now we're not talking.
All because of a phobia.
Don't get me wrong, we'll talk very soon, but I want to overcome my phobia, because to be quite honest, it's ruining my life.

Even in class, we were looking random pictures and I typed in 'SPIDERS' in google images (don't have a clue why) and I had to get someone else to exit the screen.

It really really upsets me, being scared of them, but I can't help it. I try, I really do try.
And I am not one of those people who cry over everything, But spiders have a certain hold over me.

So if anyone is in the same situation as me, or has been, or knows any ways to lessen my phobia, i'd be very grateful.

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