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Jan HeeringThis very sought after Personal Power Manual is created by Jan Heering. Take a look at Jan’s credentials and you’ll quickly see that he is more than qualified to help you with any mental issue or mental block hindering you from obtaining your full power potential:

Founder and President of Amsterdam’s Morpheus Institute

Top Psychological Trainer

One of the internet’s Leading Mental Coaches

Successful Author on the subject of Mental Issues

Has a Successful Track Record of Helping Many People across the World to Overcome Mental Obstacles

Has a Successful Track Record of Bringing Success into the lives of Those he Helps

Has Been Working in the Mental Issue field since 2001.

You will learn the difference between having Personal Power and being able to exert power and you’ll learn how to use that personal power to better your life. A boss exerts power over his employees much like a parent exerts power over his children or a teacher does over his students. Frankly, anyone can exert power.

Got a pet? Pet owners exert power over their pets, just like an employer, a parent, or a teacher does. That is not what we are talking about. Many experts will tell you that these people are usually unhappy and frustrated and the power exertion they use is out of that unhappiness and frustration.

We are talking about Personal Power that comes from within and has to do with deep, inner strength. Strength that you deserve and you can obtain from this direct, how-to manual. You will experience a renewed sense of happiness, contentment, and a refreshing sense of self-worth.

It is no secret that Personal Power is about how we feel on the inside. It’s how we see ourselves and how we handle ourselves. What most of us don’t understand (hence the secret) is how to find that deep down, grab hold of it and bring it up to the surface and out.

Now That I Have Personal Power, I Can Proudly Say that I Enjoy Life…

“Hi! This is Terri Chung and I am a college student. I used to be a girl who was very shy and avoided mixing with other people. I just didn’t have any personal power to develop enough confidence to live life. As a result, my lack of self-confidence cost me many worthy opportunities to live life fully. I missed out on quite a bit.

But after following the Personal Power techniques offered by Jan Heering, life changed! Today I do have personal power and am no longer that shy girl. Today I am proud to say that I enjoy life and life truly is beautiful.”
Terry Chung, California, USA

Know This

We don’t understand how to use Personal Power to its full potential because we don’t understand how to work with it and get it to manifest the way we need it to for our individual lives.

That is where this manual and Jan Heering come into play. In this to-the point, no fluff, just meat and potatoes manual, Jan teaches you how to:

    Feel comfortable in your own skin

    Know what power from within in versus exerting power is

    Be confident and happy in life

The more “empowered” you feel, the better you are at handling stressful situations, a kink in the system, some unexpected happening, an usual circumstance, or any situation that can cause stress.

It doesn’t matter if they are daily stresses or surprise stresses, you will be able to handle them – and handle them well!

With that said you may be wondering what exactly is Personal Power? How can it be defined since it sounds so abstract?

Well, keep in mind that we are speaking about people, not robots, so not everyone will display all of these qualities and no one will display all of these 100% of the time. But let’s look at a few qualities knowing that these are not all…

Defining Characteristics of Personal Power:

    You feel a sense of supreme self-confidence that can’t be disrupted by another’s words or actions against you.

    You are confident in your value.

    You take mistakes you make in stride.

    You don’t let mistakes and “failures” influence how you feel about yourself. You recognize through your confidence and worth that these things are part of life and will happen.

    You are no longer scared to try new things because you might fail. You welcome the opportunity and experience to grow from, even if you are not successful.

    You have so much positive energy that when negative energy comes around you (ex., someone getting angry and yelling), you take it in stride and still stay positive.

    You can find a good balance between respect for others and respect for yourself, without losing confidence in yourself.

    You don’t let anyone control you; nor do you attempt to control someone else.

    You feel a sense of freedom that allows you to enjoy all life has to offer.

    You display integrity.

    You don’t waiver from your strong sense of values.

    You have a strong sense of who you are.

    You have compassion for others and display generosity when appropriate.

    You feel enough control over your feelings that those “out-of-control” moments are a thing of the past.

Purchase this incredible how-to manual today and invest in yourself! Simply put, life is just too short to live it hindered and suppressed. That is not quality of life. We all deserve a chance at the best in life. Break free from your hindrance today and take ownership of your inner strength and unleash it fully.

Get empowered and get strong! If you do, no one can ever take it away from you.

Once you have this Personal Power, you will realize that you have inner control, not outer control. You can’t control circumstances, other people, or the weather, but you can get a grip on your life, your behaviors, and your feelings.

You’ll also realize that your Personal Power is not a threat to others. Think about people you know who have a great sense of Personal Power. They’re calm, confident, capable, and pretty much unshakable. How many times have you been around someone like that and wished you could be more like them? Well, now you can…

Why are You Lacking this Personal Power to Begin With and How Do You Know You Need it?

There are many factors, and again we are people not robots, so the factors won’t be the same for all. However, there are some factors that are pretty common amongst all of us.
  • Lack of power during childhood. Parents and other adults are/were in control.

  • Lack of power during our educational process. The teachers are/were in charge, not us.

  • Lack of power at work. There is always a boss to answer to.

This mindset of “never being in control,” and “never being in charge,” carries over into how you see yourself and how you react to your world.

Today I can go about my life confidently…

“I now believe, if you have personal power it gives you confidence from within. This is very important. Lack of personal power makes you a negative person and you will experience setbacks in life. Well, to be frank with you…I used to lack personal power but not anymore! Today I am glad to say that I have been successful in overcoming this problem.

The only reason this was possible was because of the personal power techniques presented by Jan Heering. Today I can go about my life happily and am much happier than ever before.”
Michael Brown, Texas, USA

Now back to you. How many times have you said these things to yourself?

  • I’ll never be good enough to have that position at work.

  • I could never be the boss. I wouldn’t know how.

  • I’m just not good at being in charge.

  • I can do it if you just tell me how and show me, but I can’t do it on my own.

  • I’m just a B student and that is all I’ll ever be.

  • This weight problem is just something that I have to accept.

  • No one will ever recommend me to do that.

  • No way could I ever play a sport.

Sound familiar? These are actually lies that you are telling yourself without even realizing it. Just like you unintentionally programmed yourself to believe you will never have or do anything of power, you need to reprogram yourself to believe the opposite of that.

This is what this incredible manual teaches

  • You ARE good enough to get a promotion at work.

  • You CAN be the boss. You DO know how.

  • You WILL be in charge.

  • You CAN and WILL do things on your own.

  • You CAN be an A-student.

  • You HAVE the ability to do something about your weight problem.

  • You WILL be recommended.

  • You CAN play a sport.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the system itself to give you an idea of what you can expect

The Personal Power Instantly Manual is based upon Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP). This is basically “the language of the mind” which allows you to alter your negative thoughts and behaviors through proven, effective, permanent techniques.

Although there are also other techniques for NLP, there are 3 main techniques shown below:

Through these amazingly powerful techniques, you will learn to REPROGRAM YOUR NEGATIVES TO POSITIVES. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much your life will change for the better.

We know from NLP that the root of a phobia is an erroneous assemblage of your mental codes. NLP is a set of methods that have been refined and tested over several decades with hundreds of thousands of patients in many countries – and it’s been effective time and time again.

The basis of the method is pretty simple. NLP uses the power of imagination to reprogram your fear reactions through quick, painless, and long-lasting techniques. That is how NLP differs from other methods. NLP attacks the problem at the source and takes care of it for good.

My Personal Power Instantly manual teaches these well-established NLP techniques that are proven and effective. Medication, talk-therapy, and cognitive behavior therapy only treat the symptoms. NLP cures the problem. There is a huge difference.

You actually cure yourself by going into your unconscious mind and rearranging these mental codes. And you can do all of this:

    Without therapy

    Without drugs

    Without physical pain

    Without mental anguish

    Without side effects

    In the privacy of your own home

    Without draining your savings

    With the security of a money-back guarantee

I am Much More Confident Now…

“Jan’s personal power techniques have created magic in my life. I’m Ralph Daytona and I’ve always suffered from lack of personal power. I was not sure of myself and I lived in a shell from which I did not want to come out and enjoy the sunshine in life.

Thanks to Jan, I am much more confident now and can clearly see the positive attributes in myselff.”
Ralph Daytona, writer, Philadelphia, USA

Get this awesome program today and find:

  • Your inner strength

  • Your inner power

  • You!

Stop letting your life waste away and get this program today!
If you are one that has struggled with self-confidence and self-worth, this system is for you. These techniques are specifically designed to help you transform your life.

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My Life Has Improved Immensely

“If you want to live life and enjoy it, you need to have personal power. This I realize today when I have the personal power that lets me live life the way I want. Without personal power, life is dull and leaves you with no self-assurance or confidence. It leaves you with no happiness or peace.

The personal power techniques of Jan Heering have helped me achieve personal power and that is why I have mental peace and happiness today. You too can trust these techniques and follow them to achieve personal power for yourself. Surprisingly, even my life as a teacher has improved immensely and my students love me more.”
Sandra Farrel, school teacher, Toronto, Canada

Okay, So What's The Cost For This Incredible Manual?

The Personal Power Instantly manual was devised with 2 years of endeavour. I have worked virtually every day to research and test helpful techniques.

Now because you will be downloading everything online - I'm not going to charge you anywhere near the amount you'd pay for a coach or therapist.

In fact, your total investment for the entire Personal Power Instantly manual is just $29.95.

Given its potential to provide you with Personal Power, I'm sure you'd agree $99.... or even $149 would be reasonable for a manual like this.

But I wanted to make sure my Personal Power Instantly manual is accessible to people -- like you!

The Personal Power Instantly manual comes with a 100% no-questions asked, money-back guarantee. I personally guarantee that you've never heard anything like it.

Basically, it all boils down to this

You’ve got one life. How do you want to live it?

Once your credit card is approved, you will be taken to a special download page where you will download this amazing e-book.

You will be downloading and learning from this breakthrough information within just a few minutes.

Remember, there's absolutely no risk. In case you are not completely satisfied with the program even after 56 days of downloading it, just send an email and I will cheerfully refund your money; you can keep back the program with you.

What are you waiting for? Sign up right now -- and claim your copy!

Here’s to your new life!

Jan Heering
Master Coach
Founder and President of Morpheus Institute

Top Psychological Trainer


P.S. Don’t forget the 100% money back guarantee!

P.S.S. Don’t forget this is an investment in YOU and you deserve this!

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