Peppermint Bubble Gum Phobia

by Inga
(Decatur, IL, USA)



there is really no great story here....

I know I have created this peppermint bubble gum phobia in my early childhood as my mother ALWAYS chewed wrigleys double mint gum. She always smelled like it and chewed them 24/7. What grossed me out the most was when she would take that nasty gum in shape of a ball out of her mouth and set it on the table to eat and then afterwards take it back into her mouth. *BARFS*

Somtimes she would forget it and there would be small balls of gum sitting on the sink next to the tooth brushes. My mother wasnt exactly traumatizing or I dont really get it. I know this phobia is totally irrational but I just cant help myself...just as much as smelling a peppermint bubble gum will litterally make me sick to my stomack and extremly nauseous.
weird...I know.

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