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What is a phobia?
by: Anonymous

Phobias are often created by association with an event or experience - and there is nothing rational about why this happens but a phobia is a learned response and something that is learned can be unlearned. Try hypnotherapy, it really helps with phobias.

by: Anonymous

omg i didn't think this was a real phobia my mom FREAKS OUT if she sees, smells ,or hears people smacking gum. She hates any kind of gum and me n my bro love gum. We cant even be around her when we have it!

love gum
by: lovegum123

i love Wrigely's double mint gum and could not live with out it im an addict

whats it called
by: Anonymous

what is this fobia called just wondering because my little sister is seriously afraid of gum and the smell of mint so i was just wondering what this technicall term is for this phobia.

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