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Pediophobia is the fear of dolls. I have been living in a doll world since i was 5. I still do but now I feel different about dolls. Everyone says porcelian dolls are the worst and i agree. There gentle silent eyes staring down at you and gleaming in the sun! Will they attack me under or over the bathroom stall? I wonder. I know I seem like I am exhagerating but not by a long shot!
I have seen and heard proof about dolls coming alive or moving. There is even a place called Doll Island were you can drop off your so called evil doll and hang her from a tree( It is bad out there). I am so scared I hide my sisters dolls in the closet(wich makes it really hard to get my clothes out). I know a woman ,I swear to God this is true, who had nothing but a porcelian doll and she had a bad experience with it, she did not even dare to tell me her story for it would go against her religions! This is my fear people. I am person who is scared. And my parents will not believe me, I mean it is annoying!

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