Parallized by tall free standing structures.

by Anne

Ever since I can remember I have had this fear and never outgrown it. It is a fear of water towers but my biggest fear is driving near Cooling Towers or Smoke Stacks at a utility plant. I am vigilant now in adulthood to avoid a route close to them. The last episode happened on a road my husband and I had never been on and I could see them looming up ahead. There were two and the highway was as close to them as it probably legally could be. I freaked out because we couldn't turn around. I got down on the floor of the car and covered myself with a blanket. I was terrified. He did not understand the depth of my fear and anxiety. I know I need help. I was desperate and thought I was going into a panic attack. I'm not afraid they wiill collapse. I'm just terrified of their size.

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