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by: Anonymous

Oh my God, I thought it was just me. It happens in the exam hall mostly when I'm touching the paper. As weird as it may seem, I love touching the edge of the paper with my fingers but hem this when I do this my brain creates an image of a paper cut on my eyessssssss. (I can't even write this without cringing). So what I do is shut my eyes so tight and apply pressure on my pen. Or I keep touching the edge of the paper and asking myself 'what could possibly go wrong?'
I thought I was the only one. The eye is just one of the place I cringe when I think about. You don't want to know the other part. You'll cringe badly. 😭😭😓

by: Kristin

Okay, this made me so happy that other people feel the same way because I know I'm not alone! Not because other people are suffering, haha. I'm also scared of flies and giant seaweed/algae in the ocean because one time when I was younger I got stuck in them. Everytime I read the comments for this section though I think about another part of my body being cut that I didn't realize was possible XD

Paper cut
by: Anonymous

I am so happy to hear that I'm not crazy and that people actually have a fear of paper cuts! Everytime I think about paper cuts I cringe or get goosebumps and can't stop thinking about it. When people run their fingers on the edges of paper I have to look away and think about something else otherwise I start to freak out and get sick. Thinking about paper cuts is really scary and sometimes I'll think about getting a paper cut on my eye and I can't stop thinking about it and I start to get sick and I cringe and blink really hard. It's insane to think it's a real fear but I'm glad to know I'm not alone.

Paper Cuts
by: Adison

I am so happy to hear that I'm not crazy and that people actually have a fear of paper cuts! Everytime I think about paper cuts I cringe or get goosebumps and can't stop thinking about it. When people run their fingers on the edges of paper I have to look away and think about something else otherwise I start to freak out and get sick. Thinking about paper cuts is really scary and sometimes I'll think about getting a paper cut on my eye and I can't stop thinking about it and I start to get sick and I cringe and blink really hard. It's insane to think it's a real fear but I'm glad to know I'm not alone.

Me too
by: Anonymous

Finally I'm not alone I have only told my closest friend my fear and she told me it was a pet peeve and always does that thing with the paper. I feel like crying in class when we have to use paper. I wish I could do something about it but I can't. I've tried to deal with this for 3 years. And I also have OCD. It's good to feel not alone. But my fingers are peeling because when ever I think of paper look at paper or look at my fingers I push my fingers down. And they always hurt.

paper cuts
by: lily

I hate paper cuts! there is a kid in my class that always gives himself paper cuts just to scare me! I once went into a panic attack and had to go to the nurse and go home my panic attack was so bad.

Fear of Paper cuts
by: Paige

Yes! I thought it was just me. If I think about papercuts my hands a feet get sweaty and I can't breath. I start rubbing my fingers and tense up and my heart races and I just freak out. If someone asks me my greatest fear I tell them paper cuts and they think it's funny or stupid. It also keeps me up at night and I can't stop squirming because I can't stop myself from imagining getting paper cuts all over my body. It gives me anxiety.

Paper cuts
by: Amanda

I hate paper cuts so much I can't even sleep at night because I keep feeling like paper is actually cutting my fingers and I keep poking and scratching my fingers to stop the "pain".everyone at school thinks its a joke or that I do it for attention and they rub their fingers on the edge of paper for in front of me always.i hate this phobia I know it's stupid but if I get a paper cut I faint immediately.and it's the kind of phobia no one takes seriously at all

Papercuts to the eye
by: Mona

So i have no other fears that could possibly happen in reality such as being chased by the mauled dead, but i do have the most silliest fear of getting a paper cut on my eyeball. I dont even know how i came up with it, just that i now inwardly cringe and and repelled by the idea of paper slicing the eyeball horizontally untill its open. Its making me twitch, its so irrational but at the same time really funny. That doesnt stop me from shouting at anyone holding paper near my face and fleeing for safety though. I now join the club of the irrational fear of having a paper cut in the eye, Hi.

by: Anonymous

i am so incredibly cringey reading these comments. i definitely find it relieving knowing i am not the only one. i can't stand thinking about...them. the sound, the slice, the sting. i have goosebumps.

Aah Paper!
by: Anonymous

I am starting to get a fear of paper cuts and I'm wincing at the thought just recently I got one and now I can't get the idea out of my head. And it wasn't even that bad! I put on gloves just to do my homeworkWhat should I do???

I'm not alone! thank goodness
by: Anonymous

I'm happy to know I'm not the only one.
I also have a fear of looking into mirrors or anything that reflects. I'm scared my own reflection will take it's own actions, that I'll see supernatural things and that I'm looking into a portal

My brain is killing me w/ thoughts!
by: Sharie

The past few days I constantly think about getting the dreaded and the most painful papercut...getting it between the web of your fingers. I don't even know why I am thinking about it!! I cringe everytime and freak out like crazy, but my brain is like on auto pilot and turns to it every few mins. It's driving me nuts! I think I need to see a shrink or something...I don't even know what caused this sudden thought to come into my mind?!?!? God, I hope it would stop!!! Help plz!!!

papercut eyes
by: Anonymous

Okay, so I have this fear about paper cuts in my eye. I only get scared about the paper cutting with books. The single sheets of paper and magazines do not bother me so much. I hate that this phobia makes it hard to just read a book. Everytime, I read a book I have these visions of the book papers just rubbing on my eye and cuttting it. I wish they would stop. I want to be able to read a book in peace. The worst vision I get is when I have read the book half way through and I picture my eye sliding up against the papers going vertical on the halfs of the open book.

Paper cuts to the eyes
by: Heidi

I don't feel so alone now. Every day i fear paper cuts to my eyes, and its been going on for a few years now. I even wear glasses but I am still terrified!!! I wish the sick feeling i get when i think about it would go away!

its a turn on
by: Anonymous

I quite like paper cuts. I like to sit there at night with a thin piece of paper and slide it across the head of my cock. Feels so fucking good. My girlfriend tried to get me one time because of how much i fuck her with my papercut dick. She put lemon juice in her vagina one night and i stuck it in and screamed, although it was a pleasure so it didnt stop me. Sadly we both have Hiv now.

Oh my god mee tooo
by: Anonymous

Oh my god i legit cannot go a day without thinking about papercuts or like thinking about the sound paper makes when ypu fold it. You know how some people fear that of they let a body part hang off the side of the bed a monster will eat them? Well i fear that someones gonna come and slice me with paper. I gotta stop talkibg about this im like sweating and cringing

I almost didn't think it existed
by: Anonymous

Its weird, for the longest time I would constantly get afraid whenever I even thought about getting a paper cut. Worse, I'd imagine getting them on odd body parts like my eyes and freak out even more.
I'm a little better now, but I still freak when someone puts the sharp edge of paper near me...its uncomfortable.

They nearly kill me
by: Anonymous

I definitely have pulpaslaceratophobia! Whenever the teacher is handing out papers and is having trouble pulling them apart, I nearly cry. I hyperventilate when people at school show me paper cuts (they do it to freak me out). I hold my papers in ways that I cant get cut and Im especially scared of getting them between my fingers or in my eye. I cant even watch someone else get a paper cut. My teacher even told us that if we showed our test grades to each other to brag, the other person would want to take your test and give you a million paper cuts with it. Do you wanna know what I did? I literally flipped! And the worst part is; I'm only in grade eight. There will be a lot of paper and paper cuts to come. :'(

by: Jenna

I can't even begin to explain my fear for a paper cut in my eye. My teacher actually mentioned it in class now my eye cringes just thinking about it. Honestly If I have a paper or something close to my face, I immediately back away to prevent it from getting close to my eyes.

by: Anonymous

I sit in class and can't do my word thinking about getting them , I don know what to do!

Thank God
by: Kaitlynn

I can't even say the word or describe how someone does it withough freaking out. I absolutely hate them and I'm happy that I'm not the only one. I hate when people even joke about it to me, but even passing papers in class in a hassle

ugh paper and fingers don't mix!
by: Brittany

Its nice to hear that there is a phobia for paper cuts I might be progressing in my fear of paper cuts but every time im in school i never hold the side edges of my papers or else I start to get very sweaty and my face gets really red, I start to feel queezy every time i think about them, the last time i got one my heart started racing i felt angered and terrified at the same time my hands were shaking. Even feeling them it burns and stings i feel like it will never go away that's one reason why i never raise my hand to pass out papers in school!

Thank goodness I'm not crazy!
by: Autizzle

I am actually home from school right now because in 2nd period my english teacher told someone to stop swinging paper because it could slice open someones eye... I have been nauseous and panicking ever since. This is my 2nd panic attack from the thought/ of papercuts. Last week I almost got one and I blacked out. It's so nice to hear other people have the same fear as me! Everyone I know thinks I'm crazy

Scared of Paper Cuts
by: Baylee

This fear of paper cuts makes it so hard in school! People tease me and fling paper in my face just to make me flip out! And when someone gets one, a 'friend' of mine always says "Show it to Baylee!" ughh!! I cringe when I say or think about paper cuts. I have trouble sleeping sometimes because I keep thinking about all these different scenarios where I could get a paper cut. And I'm afraid that I'll have a nightmare about paper cuts. Everybody laughs when I say I have a phobia of paper and some people don't even believe me! My absolute worst fear though... Is getting a paper cut in the eye. But I won't talk about it because it's sure to make me cry :'(. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one with this terrifying fear! Does anybody have any idea how to get rid of it!?!?! The only suggestion I've had is give myself a paper cut so that I'll realize it's not that bad. But I have a strong feeling that that won't work!!!!!

Aaaah! Papercuts!!!!
by: ~Kristen:)

My only fear is papercuts. I'm not at all afraid of heights or chainsaws or even death. When my teachers give me a paper, I inspect the edges and, if they're ridged, I ask a friend to fold them back for me. I'm always cautious around paper that is crisp or that has a sharp crease. Other students make a joke out of me and run their fingers around the edges of paper. It drives me insane. When someone around me gets a papercut accidentally, I hyperventilate. It's craziness.

Paper Cut Freak
by: Anonymous

I have a fear of paper cuts and I thought I was weird. I always think about paper cuts and when I do I scratch my finger or apply pressure to it. Sometimes I lay in bed at night just thinking about the pain that they cause. I don't know what is wrong with me because paper cuts are not even that serious. I try not to think about them but no matter what my mind always drifts back to them. I haven't even had that many paper cuts but just the thought of them makes me crings.

Paper Cut Remedy
by: Anonymous03

My fear of paper cuts is linked to abuse by someone purposely cutting my body with paper. I just figured this out. I do not believe this a a phobia though. My entire body cringes and shudders when I think of getting a paper cut but it doesn't keep me awake at night.

Paper cuts are painful because sensitive areas below the skin are exposed to air. I bought a bottle of liquid bandage, the recommended solution for paper cuts.

by: Bubba the Baloon

My friends all make fun of me because of my fear of papercuts. It's practically the only thing I'm truely afraid of.

by: Anonymous

oh goodness i also have that also! >.<

Glad to see others like me
by: Anonymous

It makes me feel so much better seeing all these people that feel the same way I do when everyone around me thinks im crazy. The touch of paper can make my hands cringe, its even worse when I accidentally scratch a peice. I have to deal with it though and it has yet to have an impact since I just avoid touching the paper too hard. Paper cuts I can not stand and I blame the thought of them causing pretend pain in my fingers. Like when you think about the dentist and your teeth hurt. But with your hands.

tried hypnotherapy
by: Anonymous

I recently underwent hypnotherapy to help cure my fear of paper cuts. It's so bad that I imagine different paper cutting scenarios and it makes me cringe and shiver! It's really bad right before I sleep. If anyone knows of some ways to minimize this horrid phobia, please help!

by: sproho

whenever someone asks me my biggest fear, i say paper cuts. and then they laugh. but its nice to know im not the only person losing sleep over them. i got a paper cut under my nail once and nearly passed out from the panicking. just thinking about them makes my eyes water. and now i can't see the screen. great.

hate it!!
by: Paper Cut freak sooo scared of paper cuts..its strange that i am the only one who gets most of the paper cuts at work eventhough how careful i am (specially loading the printer with papar)
i hate you paper cut..YOU ARE NOT MY FRIEND :(

Paper Cuts are scary!
by: Andrea!(:

Thinking about paper cuts gives me goosebumbs!! They are just scary and painful! Some of my friends are dumb and purposely get paper cuts to freak me out. One of my friends sticks paper corners in his eye!!!! its so nasty! I used to have nightmares about paper cuts! There just ewwwwww!!!! :(

can't sleep!
by: Anonymous

sometimes i can't sleep at night and i just cannot get the thought of paper cuts out of my head. i'm so scared of them!! i am extra careful when turning pages of a book... the thought of paper cuts seriously makes me nauseated. i'm terrified of them, no matter how much i try to rationalize that it will be ok if i get one. :(

by: Anonymous

omg.....i hate it when people rub their finger or hand along side of a paper or on the opposite side of the binding of a book....IT FREAKS ME OUT!!! plus i a terrified that they will get a paper cut doing it!!!! when i get a paper cut i FREAK OUT!!!!!!! like i run shaking my hand yelling...not cuz it hurts.....cuz i cant get that feelin of the paper rubbing on my finger....

by: Anonymous

It makes me feel weak when I hear the word. I just cannot look at them, It's not so bad when I get one, they don't hurt, I just cannot look at them.

by: Hannah

OMG Mee too! I got 1 in 4th grade it was real deep and i was gushing blood. I get freaked out whenever I think of it and i turn mmy hands into fists. its called pulpuslaceratphobia. pulpus means paper and lacerata meanes cut.
:O i'm scared of papercuts

I am also afraid of paper cuts
by: angelina

I'm so much afraid of papercuts too. I can't breathe when someone says the word and I constantly am thinking that I'm going to get a paper cut and sometimes I can't even sleep without thinking I'm going to get one. The funny thing is, is that I've only gotten like one papercut and it wasn't even deep it's like controlling my life

Me To!
by: Anonymous

I have no idea what it is called but i have the same feelings
people look at my like i am insane when i freak out about them
i've cried just when someone mentioned it and pretended to give themselves one
its terrible

OMG same here!
by: Anonymous

OMG I have a phobia of paper cuts to. When I was little i got one and freaked out. Then a few years ago i got one and became terrified. Not to long ago I got one in the middle of my 4th period class and started screaming and my cousin looked at me like wtf. My reading teacher was like why are you screaming calm down and there was a big cut and I was freaked out. I was like crying. Do you know what its called?


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