Overly afraid of needles

ok. i am overly afraid of needles. i mean seriously the doctor is scared of me. but for some reason im perfectly fine at the dentist, he can give me as many shots as he wants.

whenever i go to the doctor and they mention needles or shots i mindlessly try to escape the room and when i cant and i see the needly i mindlessly FREAK OUT! i mean its BAD.

when i get a call from the doctors office im already freaking out and i keep freaking out untill about a week after its over. right now im shaking and swetting and im cold.

i cant controle it but the doctor and nurses seem to think i can. its horrible being a teen and walking out of the doctoring room whatever its called and being looked at like a maniac even though i know im not.

honestly i cant even get my finger pricked for blood without hurting someone(mainly my mother) but its all and accident. i dont mean to hurt anyone and i think i need help.

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