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I hate needles
by: Hilary

It's the simple thought of a giant metal thing going into your flesh. It stings, it pinches, and it makes you feel faint after it's over. When my doctor announces that I will be getting a shot or blood drawn, I start bawling. When I see it on TV, I hide my eyes. When I see someone else get a shot or anything like that, I start to get faint and my arm starts to hurt... weird I know. If someone has a cotton ball taped over their arm, I get queasy. It is strange that also, when I go to my dentist, I can take shots in the mouth like a pro. I have already had surgery once and going to get it again this fall, I will be getting a lot of blood work and needles jabbed into me. I just feel so anxious thinking about it. I really hate it. I know exactly how you feel. I'm 18 and I still throw a temper tantrum in the doctors office when I hear, "Shot."

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