Overcoming Your Fear Of Anxiety

A better way to lead a more relaxed life is by overcoming your fear of anxiety. Anxiety is slow poisoning, since it robs away our mental peace and paralyze the normal flow of life. There are certain unavoidable circumstances in life, which breeds anxiety.

The Four Components Of Anxiety
Anxiety is a mixed feeling of fear, apprehensions and worries, which is coupled with palpitation, nausea, chest pain and breathlessness. Studies reveal that, anxiety is classified in four different components.

These incorporate:

    Somatic components: This is related to some dreadful situation that erupts anxiety in you. Your blood pressure and heart beat tends to increase and the blood flow increase drastically to the muscles. The common signs of this mode of anxiety include sweating, pale skin, trembling and pupil dilation.

    Cognitive Components: This is evident, when the person confronts some uncertain danger.

    Behavioral Components: This leads to voluntary and involuntary behaviors. If inflicted by this component, then you will be directed at avoiding the source of anxiety, which is quite common.

    Emotional components: This causes a sense of dread or panic, chills and nausea.

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Overcoming your fear of anxiety – The Associated symptoms
Our mind fails to think logically, when plagued by anxiety. We feel a nagging irritation and fear, clouding our mind.

The associated symptoms of anxiety include heart palpitation, muscle tension, fatigue, dizziness, sweating, nausea, jumpiness, cold hands, shortness of breath, difficulty in falling asleep, diarrhea or bowel symptoms and hot flashes.

Overcoming your fear of anxiety – The Way to Relief
There are a number of ways to dodge the anxiety problem and lead a peaceful life. The market is now inundated with multiple treatments, which mostly comprise of assorted therapies.

The Cognitive BehavioralTherapy is the most popular. However this type of psychotherapy is not very helpful in overcoming your fear of anxiety. The aim of the therapy is to let you comprehend your thinking process and cope up with the situation.

The Behavior therapy is considered to be not very effective.

The alternative therapies incorporate methods like acupuncture, rapid eye movements, repetitive sounds and many more.

Overcoming your fear of anxiety – What You Need To Do
By simply changing your mental codes with the help of simple effective mental techniques, NLP ,or by rapidly releasing the blockages in the energy system of your body (Energy Therapy) you are able to cure your fear and anxiety by yourself.

These techniques are effectively, proven, fast and permanently. These techniques attack and disable the phobia at its source, instead of just treating the symptoms.

You will be able to get rid of your fear of axiety within a few minutes a day, instead of months of therapy.

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