Overcoming Social Anxiety

Can you recognize the instance when your friend is in dire need of overcoming social anxiety?

When you have to almost drag him to the party and once there, much to your disappointment your friend bottles up and refuses to budge from the corner.

You think he is just painfully shy! NO.

He needs overcoming social anxiety? You’ve just hit the nail right on the head.
Social anxiety is an overwhelming fear of committing hara-kiri in public, being considered as lacking in social skills or being proven incompetent.

A vicious cycle is generated wherein an anticipation of these fears causes anxiety which in turn leads to mistakes.

Thus overcoming social anxiety becomes all the more essential because in extreme cases, people have been known to shun public contact altogether, thereby disrupting their lives.

The fears are always ungrounded and the first step to overcoming social anxiety is to dispel the myths that produce these fears. An omnipresent myth is to consider anxiety as a failing.

Now whoever has heard of a person who can boast of not being apprehensive or edgy even for once in his entire life and you can be rest assured that people are very considerate to nervous pangs.

Take a giant leap towards overcoming social anxiety by admitting that perfection is unattainable. You will be hard pressed to find even a single man who is perfect in all respects.

So there isn’t really any need to turn your hair gray worrying over that elusive perfection. Things usually turn up fine by giving your best shot.

When you learn to accept these facts, you will find that being red-faced in public once in a while won’t bother you at all.

Overcoming social anxiety involves building up a sense of self-worth charged up with the requisite social skills. Alternative therapies aim just at this. You can have your pick from Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Energy Psychology.

People afflicted with social anxiety disorder realize that their nervousness is baseless yet their subconscious mind is so totally under the grips of the disorder that they simply cannot overcome their fears. Hypnotherapy aims at reorienting this subconscious mind.

Social anxiety disorder stems from a wrongful perception of reality; a reality where you are required to be cocksure, unruffled and perfect from all angles. NLP attempts recovery by restructuring this notion of reality in your mind.

Energy psychology psychology is an amalgamation of the above two alternative therapies and is proven to be extremely effective.

Social anxiety is being acutely self-conscious. Shyness is also just that, only less. So don’t let your shyness escalate to social anxiety.

In a gathering, try to concentrate on something other than yourself like what the impending evening promises by way of fun, or what the other person is talking about or focus on getting to know a person in front of you. In short, when in society, just lose yourself.

Overcoming social anxiety will let you enjoy the fruits of an active and meaningful social life.

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