More Tips On Overcoming Fear Of Heights

Overcoming fear of heights – this is no doubt a very important issue. When you have fear of heights or acrophobia, you tend to become extremely anxious when you visit places of relative high altitude.

The anxiety response of this fear include rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, muscle tension, a hot flushed feeling, shivering and a immanent feeling of fear.

Overcoming fear of heights is important otherwise, you may find yourself behaving abnormally when standing on high altitudes and this greatly affects your normal functioning in life.

When you have fear of heights, you tend to avoid things such as:

  • Going to tall buildings

  • Climbing ladders

  • Traveling on mountainous roads

  • Taking amusement rides and several other instances of visiting high places

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Treatments for overcoming fear of heights

Behavioral Exposure Therapy
Here the victim is made to face repetitive situations of visiting places of high altitude.

It is a kind of series of prolonged encounter with high places, which at the beginning are not quite challenging, but as you proceed with the treatment things tend to become more serious and dangerous as well.

The main disadvantage of this treatment form is that it often ends up without a successful remedy making conditions worse for you.

Relaxation Techniques as ways of overcoming fear of heights
This helps you control the physical symptoms of acrophobia.

This treatment type suggests when you are standing at a height you should take slow, deep breathes which helps in lowering down the heart rate and increases the flow of oxygen to the muscles.

However, such a treatment may not always work the best as it may have different impacts on different individuals.

Avoidance of height
This is a normal way of overcoming fear of heights. If you are acrophobic, you may prefer to live in a single story house, you may not attempt to put holiday lights on the roof and you may always prefer to hire someone for cleaning the gutters.

However, this is in no way a realistic treatment. Avoiding a particular thing or situation for the entire life cannot however, termed as a remedy.

CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
This is one of the effective ways of overcoming fear of heights. When the treatment begins, you are asked to grasp the negativity of your thought process.

Once you know, what the problem is, you are to look for ways to solve it and behave optimistically in life. Such a therapy has been successful in certain cases but for this, you have to keep lots of patience and spend a considerable amount of time.

Thus, there are all possible chances for you to feel restless and irritated.

Here the counselor speaks with you to bring about a change in your thought process. He makes you feel confident that there is nothing to be afraid of high places.

Now, the result of counseling is always doubtful for it entirely depends upon the efficacy of the counselor, how well he can mold your mental “construct” and lead you towards optimism in life.

Medications and drugs
When you are in need of conquering fear of heights, your physician may recommend you to have Benzodiazepines, Valium or Diazepum.

However, if you go on taking the medicines for an extensive period, it can cause unfavorable drug dependency.

At times beta-blockers combine with several psychological treatments to cure acute conditions of fear and anxiety thereby giving way to several detrimental side effects.

The role of self-help NLP techniques
A self-help Neuro Linguistic Program is the best way for overcoming fear of heights. Such a technique helps you remodel your mental “construct” by creating a balance in your thought and existence.

Therefore, when all the therapies and treatments are trying hard to establish themselves as perfect ways of overcoming fear of heights, self-help NLP is the most suitable way of curing acrophobia.

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