by summer chase alone
(gillitte wyoming )

i use to love snakes until i was at a family retreat, i was looking for blue belly lizards, when i almost fell into a rattle snake den, it was scary. and since then i've been afraid of snakes, i'm even scared of going into tall grass, even it i here a rattle from a locus i scream. my life has never been the same since then. i have alot of phobias, my main ones are ancraophobia fear of the wind, it't the pressure of feeling i can't breath when the wind blows in my face, little wind i can handle it's the srong wind i am scared of, and athazagoraphobia fear of being forgotten, when i was in gordon nebraska the school bus broke down, we had to get on a diffrent bus, i was the last to get off the bus, but the bus left me, the bus driver did not mean to leave me. i had to walk all the way home.

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