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just close the door Jeez
by: Anonymous

I really hate wheƑ people walk in and out of my room and live the door open gish I get so irritated and I can barely sleep, and I can feel it when the door is open. I'm not scared that anything might happen but I just want It closed when I'm inside.

lock my door
by: Anonymous

I can't leave my door open while sleeping especially while my son sleeping next door. I don't feel safe and if someone comes in the house I hate to find out when its too late. Plus watching the news that kids get kidnapped from their homes....F...that.

Is it just me?
by: Emma

I have this thing about my room: it is mine, and if anyone comes in when I am not aware of it, and then I find out later, it literally gives me a heart attack. It's not that I keep it too clean for them, it's just that my room is very sacred to me. We are moving next week, and the thought teriffies me. What I said about my room being sacred is so true, I can't keep my door open. I can't focus on anything, and I am almost itchy. Is it just me?

Open Doors
by: Anonymous

I deal with the same thing. Any time a door is open I have to shut it or I cannot concentrate. I was actually wondering if it cold be a sign of OCD or if it is just a phobia. Either way I don't know how to stop the urge.

Same story
by: Anonymous

I do!
At first it was at night, because the door to my bathroom always vibrates and makes loud sound when it's not closed. And every time I'm in my room or living room or anywhere alone, and somepone passes by I always tell them to close the door. It just bugs me!

Doors at night
by: Jp

During the day I can live with open doors but at night that changes. All doors MUST be closed. If they are open even by a crack it frightens the hell out of me. Every night before I can sleep I need to make sure all doors are closed. I have had this fear since I was at least 2. When I was a kid my parents wouldn't allow me to close my room door at night. The door had to be open a crack, and I could not sleep, I just kept staring at the open space. It seemed if I didn't something evil might slip into my room. I have had this nightly fear since then.

Open door issue
by: Anonymous

I, too, have a problem with open doors. I freak out whenever someone asks me to leave the door open. I can occasionally deal with it, but even when I have to deal I can focus on nothing but how much I want the door closed. This is, of coures, a problem when I want to focus on a specific task such as work...

I don't even know why.
by: Anonymous

I don't know what's going on with me and open doors. Whenever my mom leaves my door open and I tell her to shut it but she's already half way down the stairs, I have to get up and do it myself. Recently, it's been 90degree weather and my room gets very hot, even with the window open and two fans, but I still close it. My mom got up in the middle of the night to find me sleeping in a 100 degree room. But I closed the door again, so she yelled at me to keep it open. Now she's screaming demanding me to tell her what my problem is, when I just don't know. Now she's threatening me to tell her or I'm either seeing a therapist or shes taking my door. I don't see psychologists, I don't like them, and how the fuck am I supposed to tell them what's wrong if I don't fucking know? And I swear, my mom takes the door off, I'm out of here. Fucking need my privacy.

open doors at night
by: kyla

I don't know why but open doors only bug me at night during the day I can have Windows open, shades open, bedroom doors open but at night I get this gut wrenching scared feeling and cannot sleep unless my closet door, bathroom door and bedroom door are all closed, which all happen to be in my master bedroom. Any other doors in the house can be open. As long as I can't see them they don't bug me but I can't sleep with a door in my room open. It's like I have this fear or I'm afraid something or someone will walk out of them even though I know there's none in there. Now if the lights turned on in the rooms like my closet or bathroom it doesn't bug me. Only when the lights are off. Would that be a fear of the doors being open, or something more?

help me
by: scared

I'm 13 and i've always hated open doors since i was9. I think it's something due to some stupid crap that occured in my life. What should i do?

by: Anonymous

i cannot stand open doors. even if im downstairs i can feel a diffeent wind draft and know when a door is open upstair. i have to close them. and ive even gotten yelled at in an office building because it stated clearly to "leave door open". wether its bright and sunny or dark out i am consistantly checking to see if any doors are open. the worst thing to ever happen was i was watching a friends toddler and she insisted she have the door open, i didnt want to hear her cry but i ouldnt have the door open anytime id close it shed run back and open it. i actually had a panic attack and passed out for a second. although i have gotten better with this phobia now i still focus far to much on open doors. i dont know if im afraid of what could be behin it or if im afraid that anything could walk right through it. im hoping for a future house with not to many doors, one of the doors in my basement is broken i have to pry a chair against the door knob to keep it closed...

Please close the door!
by: Cute Girly

I am scared of open doors. I always shut EVERY door securely closed before sleeping, writing, ect. Sometimes I even double-check that they are closed. I have no clue why. Maybe it is started by the childhood myth of monsters in the closet. I have no clue. How do I cure it? I am not afraid of open spaces, or chances. It seems to be mild because I only experience the first symptom on the list. My sister is the opposite. She can't stand closed doors, but only when she goes to sleep. During the day-fine. As soon as she goes to bed she HAS to leave the door open. What is wrong? Why do we have such unique fears?

by: Anonymous

I always insist that the doors are closed, i just can't sit in a room if they are open. If i can't close the door, i just sit there staring at it.

open door phobia
by: Anonymous

I actually have a similar phobia, but mine mainly happens if ANY doors are open. Mainly at night, if I know theres a door open I have to close it. I tend to get anxious when I know I can't close the door. I find myself doing the same thing during the daytime, but my anxiety is only extreme at night. I'm not sure of what I'm afraid of I just know I'm afraid.

by: Anonymous

I totally get you I get all panicky over open doors and nobody understands and there's nothing I can do

My Irrational Fear
by: Taruneek

I wont actually call my condition a phobia ,but I exactly don`t know what category to put it in. I feel extremely anxious when any door or window is left open. If I am sitting in a room, it`s door has to be closed, otherwise I feel very uncomfortable even if the door is opened slightly.
I want to know what is the exact scientific term for this wierd and irrational fear.

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