Omphalophobia - Fear of Bellybuttons!

by Kaitlin Elizabeth
(Surrey, England)

Hello all,

I expect a few of you are sniggering because of the title - yes, yes, I know, bellybuttons aren't exactly the most terrifying things in the world. Nonetheless, this fear is only growing more intense and I have turned to the Internet for help in overcoming this issue.

I'm not exactly "scared" of the navel itself; it's more of an extremely uncomfortable and nauseating feeling to see a photo of one, even worse to see one in the flesh. I have found that bellybuttons which have some sort of problem (dust inside them, crusty, slightly deformed etc) make me more uncomfortable than your run of the mill one. Also, I dislike "outies" more than "innies" for no apparent reason. When I see one I instantly get a twisting feeling behind my own bellybutton and have an immense urge to cover my own with my hands. If someone tries to touch mine, I completely freak out.

It used to be only on the actual button itself, but recently I have found that I cannot deal with people touching any part of my stomach - this triggers the reactions stated above. It doesn't matter how many layers of clothes I am wearing, they can't go anywhere near it without me curling up into a ball and biting my lip to try and stem the wave of nausea.

I am a female, 14 in September, and I am searching desperately for anyone else who can relate to my phobia and could share advice on how to overcome it. Thanks in advance.

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