Odd phobias that get made front of or make people think your a weirdo

by Emma H
(California (san Jose area))

Hi I am a teenager and I don't have a lot of things to be afraid of but things I am are weird.

First of all I have mild koumpounophobia which is the fear of buttons (refering to the ones on clothing)I am not quite exactly afraid of them that is why I say mild but when I hear the name I cringe, I couldn;t dare wear them, it would be the most disgusting thing to touch, smell, and in some cases here them.

Second is one that I don't have a name for but just call the KKK phobia because I have a fear of the KKK group. Not only for there actions but their looks. It frightens me to see there ghost like out fits. So when most people fear monsters in their closet I fear a KKK person in my closet.

Third actually is a phobia called Social Anxiety or paranoia this is the fear that you are constantly be watched in my case it is mainly when I am alone or in my house. Its do to not being very social and not good at social skills which I have. This in some degree causes stage fright.

The fourth and last is octophobia and in my case it is the fear of giant squid and sometimes fish. It started when I was younger when I saw 20,000 leagues under the sea and when I went to a lake washed up o the shore was a really big fish dead with its mouth open and starting to wear off.

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