Odd fear of water

by Michael

I have this odd fear of water. Its similar to or partially composed of the fear of deep water but it is also something more. Something more abstract. Its not really a fear of the things i know are in the water, i mean dont get me wrong a shark or squid would scare the hell outta me, its more so a fear of the water itself. It is the fear of the most fearful thing Man knows of, The Unknown.

I fear the water. My imagination has always been extremely active. Even now as a soon to be aduly my imagination cooks up some right scary stuff. Imagination is the mother of fear, and Imagination doesnt ever get out-grown by some people.

My fear is hard to describe. It is elusive, which is part of why it is so terrifying. I am afraid that the water is malevolent and... inteligent. Like it can control itself. Like it can grab me with watery arms and eat me. I fear the water, especially deep water like it is an animal, like i am inside of it when i am in water. I fear it will open up and inside of the water will be something dark, a black hole, or a mouth.

To me the water goes down forever. It goes down beyond where logic and physics end and evil, monstrous things are. It extends ever-downward to the very bottom, the End of the Universe. And something, maybe even the water itself, maybe an unknown evil Thing will pull me down.

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