by Mazlina

I think I am suffering from nyctophobia. I'm really scared, when suddenly my house got blackout in the midnight. I can breath but i think there is no oxygen in it. I told myself to relax because i know that is only my imagination, but i'm out of control. The most terrible is, in my imagination, i won't be able to see the sunshine anymore. I'm only thinking of the death..
I'm crying aloud. Seeking an oxygen, hoping for a sun rise. No matter how hard i try to relax, i still breathlessly. Luckily i have my husband to relaxed me. I'm sharing my fear with him, i knew he can't do anything but it really help me to relax after i told him everything.. But, I'm still afraid to sleep, because of the dying experienced. maybe i should have a theraphy to cure my phobia.

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