by Perla
(phoenix, az)

hi, my name is Perla. i suffer from a moderate case of Nyctophobia; fear of the dark. I guess you can say that that i have suffered it since childhood. every night when i go to sleep it's a bother because the moment comes where i turn off the light. immediately, the covers are over my head, and i can't let any single inch of my body out of the covers.if i do, i get nightmares. it gets kinda stuffy under the covers so sometimes i just peek out to take a breath. but if i dare to open my eyes and see the dark, i get that shaky feeling. then i shiver when its not even cold. then i just have the special, eery, demonic feeling that someone is in my room. i know that the only way to make it go away is to turn on the light. i thought that it would be just in my room, but later on in my childhood i realize that it happens wherever i sleep(mom's house, boyfriend's house, etc). As long as im in the dark, i just get so damn petrified.I'm 18 years old and it still happens fequently

but something has always happened that i thank god that im blessed with it. since i was a child sometimes i would have company over(friend, relative, or just someone who had to sleep in my room.) all that has to happen is 1 person has to be in my room with me and the fear is less frightening and easy to fall asleep. they can accompany me in my bed or even sleep on the floor, but all they have to do is just be there and i feel safe. im 18 and married now and i thank god in heaven my husband is always there for me. one night i was completely going nuts and my fear of the dark made me cry. he was there holding me until i calmed down. he later turned on the light for me so i can fall asleep. but if i have a night where i have to sleep alone i just lose it and i hope to god he comes home, because i hate sleeping in the dark alone.
someone help me!!!!!

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