Nyctophobia - terrified of the dark

im 18 yrs old, and am terrified of the dark. when i was a little kid i wasnt anymore afraid of the dark than any other kid, but as i hit my early teens the fear intensified a little bit more but not to an extreme.

last year someone tried to break into my house through my basement as the family slept. my bedroom is on the ground floor, and in order for anyone to get to the basement my window must be passed.

the thought of me lying in bed sleeping whilst someone was trying to break into my house in the middle of the nyt, just metres away from my bedroom window, terrifies me. and it has been from this experience that i have been terrified at night.

i cant open my front or back doors, or any windows at night, even briefly, and when i think of being outside in the dark alone my heart beats so fast and i lose my breath and panic. can i be helped??

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