Nyctophobia: Fear of Darkness

by Lubna

I am suffering for a while from sleeping alone in the dark because 1 month a go I watched a horror movie and from that moment on I had difficulties in sleeping and I usually see things or imagine things in the room, I don't sleep until the sun rises or may be um just too exhausted to resist sleeping, but yesterday I was so tired and was so afraid I couldn't sleep and I have work tomorrow and its really tiring and irritating, I lit up the light but still could not sleep then for the first time in my life and it was the worst moment ever in my life when I asked my little sister to come and sleep beside me, she was surprised and told me r u afraid? told her no I just cant sleep, I rly hate myself and hate how weak I was in front of myself and my little sister!! putting into consideration that I was totally fine with darkness and never felt like that before except when I was a kid and I used to sleep with my parents but that was long time ago. the problem is that I can't I am always that strong person and who always have that tough attitude that's why it is really hard to talk to someone about it no one will understand plus people mainly will laugh at me or just mock me. I tried looking up the internet for a solution but I just can't even while writing this my heart beats raise, I thought of going to a dr but still I can't take that step because in our Country these psychological issues are looked down upon and ppl start treating you as if u have a disease or an issue. I AM REALLY TIRED !!!

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