not sure if fear of darkness or alone (not loneliness)

by armaan


Normally I don't write and English is not my first language, so I will try my best describing my phobia(s).

I searched few blogs about nyctophobia (fear of darkness) and fear of being alone, but my case is a weird combination of few and them both. I will not fear switched of lights and sleep well most of the nights if I have company, if I am alone I will look for support, whether my cat or switched on lights and something playing. Something playing now brings me to the question do I also have fear of silence, cause if I dont play something laud enough, I will continue fearing small sounds that doors, windows or other things will make.I do fear being in shower or just in the washroom, with switched on lights. I dont want to go on about it, it has been like this since I remember. I am 27 now and I have travlled a lot, been alone in very remote places, I have managed fine sometimes with no fear, but not all the times.

It will be nice to know, if there is some cure for it, and some others to share their thoughts on this from their experiences.


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