Not being able to get out of small spaces

by Hannah

I'm 14, and a girl, and have always been claustrophobic. I wouldn't even get into a lift/elevator until this year. This summer I went to DisneyLand with my family, and we went on a simulator. I had been on it many times before, and as soon as the doors had locked (the simulator was quite small, dark, and cramped) the ride did not start immediately, as it usually did.

At first, I thought nothing of it but after a few minutes I was hyper ventilating because I couldn't get out! People were staring and I felt like such a freak because alot of the other people were so calm. The fact I couldn't get out made me feel dizzy and sick, I was pulling at my hair and breathing heavily.

Finally the ride started after about 10/15 minutes..and even though I felt very embarrassed afterwards, I would never make any apologies for a phobia. I was just grateful to have gotton out.

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