Neilasparophobia and Emetophobia

by Juni-Amy

Neilasparophobia is the phobia of aliens - extraterrestrials, and Emetophobia is the phobia of vomiting. My Emetophobia was impacted on most of my life, it is almost fully cured now but I used to not be able to fall asleep because I feared throwing up so much. I would pass out from the very thought of it and almost developed an eating disorder because I was so scared of throwing up or getting food poisoning or something. If someone mentioned they were sick, even with a small, common cold I avoided them for a month and the thought of vomit made me either faint or go into a panic attack where I couldn't breathe. I'd break sweat and if someone mentioned the very word I'd have a panic attack and run out of the room. My hands were dry and covered with eczema and a rash because I washed them too much. I couldn't go to school because I was so scared of vomiting and when I did go to school, I was harassed, bullied, and teased for my phobia and people would fake vomiting in front of me just to trigger a panic attack. It always worked. Sometimes it got so bad I literally developed a fever. I have no idea how. I went to doctors, psychologists, pediatricians, and I was even hospitalized for it at one stage. I was put on medication which made me depressed and I was diagnosed with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) which is a type of anxiety disorder. I used to have horrible dreams about vomiting. I avoided sleep all together. It's going away now, and I'm glad because now I can live my life free and happily without my phobia literally destroying me and my family. The next one is a pretty silly phobia, it's the phobia of aliens. One reason for this is my grandmother's silly stories she told me when I was small, and another may be the movies I've been watching. Anyway, it's pretty stupid but it's interfering with my sleeping patterns. I can't fall asleep and I'm scared of looking at pictures or videos with them in it. And yes, the typical "Grey" aliens, with the big, ugly black eyes and the huge heads. They scare me. I'm also scared because I hear abduction stories about them abducting people at night and doing disgusting stuff with their body parts. Ahem, anyway, thinking about them gives me chills and seeing a picture of them makes me feel like throwing up or passing out (which is not good with my other phobia), I'm certain this new phobia will go away soon, but I'm not sure if my Emetophobia will go away fully. I hope it will.

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