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Personal exerience of dealing with Needle Phobia
by: Lucy Waters

Very guilty of jumping in having only just read one comment - but my personal experience of helping a friend deal with a profound needle phobia (I'd witnessed her become almost catatonic some months earlier when faced with a needle) was that a combination of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and NLP was what did the trick - oh and probably the most important thing, she was ready to deal with the phobia - she was finally in a state where SHE wanted it to be over - nothing any of us had done up until that point would have worked because she wasn't ready. She's now had a needle inserted into her arm at her own insistence (this was done by a Doctor I hasten to add!) and she was fine - not thrilled to be stuck by a needle, but compared to the usual pass out/hysterics/sheer panic the whole thing was a breeze!

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