Do You Suffer From Needle Phobia?

More than 10% of the global population suffers from needle phobia. Almost all people feel awkward and irritated at the mere sight of injection syringe and there are some who go to the extent of showing apprehension for such a negligible matter.

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There are several plausible causes of fear of needles.

Most people feel that needle phobia is a result of an unpleasant childhood experience of pushing an injection syringe into the skin quite painfully.

Some so-called experts have the opinion that pain and suffering affects these people more in comparison to the others.

Most children, who yet have not learned to bear pain, feel an infliction when the needle enters their skin. They cry and want to run away from the clinical environment as soon as possible.

There are multiple symptoms of fear of needles. The prime symptom is experiencing anxiety attacks at the mere thought of injections and needle leading to a sheer avoidance of the condition.

The other associated symptoms include increased heartbeat, trembling, feeling sick, experiencing dry mouth, sweating, fainting and over breathing.

Inform your nurse and doctors if you do suffer from fear of needles before going for a treatment.

Several treatments of needle phobia
One of the ways of treating fear of needles is by making use of EMLA or Electric Mixture of Local Anesthetics. It is a topical antiseptic cream available on prescription. EMLA is a combination of lidocaine and prilocaine.

Ice is the other most significant treatment of fear of needles. The place where the needle is to be inserted is made insensitive by continuous application of ice. However, this may not seem effective in case of all.

Another treatment would be to give the patient an anti-anxiety agent like diazepam (Valium) before the insertion of the needle into the skin.

In other cases, nitrite oxide is used to treat conditions of needle phobia. This medicine is either applied separately or in combination with various oral anxiety agents.

How self-help NLP techniques help in combating needle phobia
It is better not to have the fear at all rather than treating the condition of fear. For this, all you need is an effective self help thechnique.

With the help of self-help NLP techniques, you teach your mind to get rid of your fears. With the help of NLP techniques you can change your “mental constructs” and make yourself believe that there is nothing to be afraid of injections and needles.

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