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The main feature of needle phobia is extreme anxiety at the thought of taking injections and to avoid it by all means.

Like all other phobias, it is very difficult to ascertain the cause of fear of needles. Quite often, the root cause of this phobia lies in a previous unpleasant experience like a painful injection in the childhood.

Some people are more sensitive to pain during injection and hence ward off needles whereas in case of children fear of needles can result from union of factors like the clinical environment coupled with the pain of injection.

Symptoms Of The Needle Phobia
There are varied symptoms of this phobia, of which the foremost is anxiety. Others include dryness of mouth, palpitation, sweating, trembling, nausea, over-breathing, feeling dizzy and lightheaded (or vertigo), drop in blood pressure, a feeling of sickness and fainting.

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There are several types of needle phobia, too. Phobia with vasovagal reflex reaction implies plunging of blood pressure and loss of consciousness.

Some needle phobics suffer from an acute sensitivity to pain.

Most of the young children are afraid of needle, which they either outgrow as an adult or grow up into a needle avoider.

The rarest form of phobia is the one when the sufferer thinks that fear of needles has resulted as an earlier painful experience. However, most of the time this experience implies the first phobic reaction felt during a regular needle procedure. This is called classic phobia.

Treatments Of The Condition
Firstly, it is essential for you to be honest about your phobia with the doctors and nurses who are treating you. They will discuss the problem with you and suggest solutions.

They may successfully find an alternative treatment method. Applying EMLA anesthetic cream, for example, can be very effective. EMLA or Eutectic mixture of local anesthetics can be used for intravenous cannulation and venipuncture.

This liquid penetrates much deeply than ordinary anesthetic solution and must be applied at least an hour before the injection. This is easily available and is often sold as prescription drug or sometimes as OTC medicine.

Instead of EMLA, Iontophoresis units can also be given to reduce the piercing sensation. If neither of this is available then go for ice. EMLA, Iontophoresis as well as ice - all the three work for those people whose phobic reaction is triggered by the sensation of the needle piercing and not for acute sensitivity to pain.

Another effective treatment to cure needle phobia is the application of fast acting anti anxiety agent. If your main problem is vasovagal reflex (i.e. fainting) then you can go for Beta-blockers. They do not affect thinking or reaction time and hence are safe.

Nitrous Oxide combined with other oral anti-anxiety agent can be very helpful, too. It is also important that experienced and skilled medical personnel who are accustomed at injections or venipuncture should attend needle phobics.

How To Eliminate Needle Phobia With Self Help Techniques
Self-help NLP teaches you how to get rid of your phobia. NLP (Neuro linguistic Programming) is basically “the language of the mind” which allows you to alter your negative thoughts and behaviors through proven, effective, permanent techniques.

Through these amazingly powerful techniques, you will learn to REPROGRAM YOUR NEGATIVES TO POSITIVES. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much your life will change for the better.

We know from NLP that the root of a phobia is an erroneous assemblage of your mental codes. NLP is a set of methods that have been refined and tested over several decades. It’s been effective time and time again.

NLP uses the power of imagination to reprogram your fear reactions through quick, painless, and long-lasting techniques. That is how NLP differs from other methods. NLP attacks the problem at the source and takes care of it for good.

My Phobia Release Program teaches these well-established NLP techniques that are proven and effective. Medication, talk-therapy, and cognitive behavior therapy only treat the symptoms. NLP cures the problem. There is a huge difference.

You actually cure yourself by going into your unconscious mind and rearranging these mental codes. And you can do all of this:

    Without therapy

    Without drugs

    Without physical pain

    Without mental anguish

    Without side effects

    In the privacy of your own home

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