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i understand
by: cake

I wash my hands alot.I won't hang around somebody that is sick.In the winter,i stay home more,because i don't want the flu...It all started when my exboyfriend gave me a parasite/fungal infection in female area,it spread all over my body..I almost died.I took kevin treudea products he talked about.he saved my i fear germs,and i hate throwing up...

your not alone
by: Anonymous

trust me i feel your pain.If i so much as THINK of dirt i start shaking and freaking out. If i have to do the dishes i scrub my hands until
they turn red afterwards then i continuously rub my hands against my shirt{im afraid to touch anything else}and then i freak out and change my clothes.

i also have a phobia of wet surfaces{i cant remember what its called}so if i take a shower i
wear a slipper and NEVER ,EVER look down at the bathroom floor or i close my eyes the entire time
to avoid sseing anything.

i cant even use the same soap that has been used by someone else .just remember your not alone

by: Anonymous

I also suffer from "Germaphobia." People always make fun of me for it and don't understand it. I have a serious concern for getting sick and getting germs. My hands are sooooooooo red and dry from washing them so much. I am on a school computer right now and I feel filthy because who knows who could have touched it last, could they have coughed on their hands? sneezed? spat? I know as soon as I get off I will run right over the the hand sanitizer pump and take at least two pumps and even put some on the pencil im using. Its been like this for a long time.

you are not alone!!
by: Anonymous

I can understand how you feel. I've been living with this for months. Everything gets worst as everything gets contaminated little by little. Every single item that is touched I can't touch. I don't even sit in the couch, and I share a room with my sister so I only have part of the room as my safe zone, but I feel like she comes and contaminates everything from the inside...
it sucks living like this but my fear is something i can't control

i feel your pain.
by: ms. bee

my dad "mysteriously" got herpes like 2 weeks ago and ever since then i've been washing my hands constantly and making sure i dont touch anything he touched. i didnt eat for a week and a half because i didn't know what utensils he ate off and i have a fear of touching the fridge or microwave because he touched it. [i lost six pounds] i use a napkin to open anything. when i go up and down the stairs i makesure i dont touch the railing and if i think i did i run down the stairs to wash my hands. i even went to the extent of buying my own water for my room and "claimed" my own cup.

he sneezed in my room a couple days ago and i had a serious breakdown. i cried and cried in the bathroom until i had a migraine. i felt like my room was my safe place from his germs until he sneezed...

now when i go outside i dont open any doors until someone opens them for me or i rush to the door that is closing. i can't shake peoples hands without feeling like i need scalding water to wash my hands. i dont even like hugging people anymore...and you know how some people spit when they talk. i feel like i should just shoot myself right there.

i used to be able to touch door knobs and the fridge door or shake peoples hands before [i would still wash them] but now it has gotten worse...

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