My utterly horrible emetophobia

by Juniper


I'm ten years old and in fifth grade and I've got this really severe emetophobia (AKA vomiting phobia - e-mee-toe-phobia) I have back outs often and I don't eat much and I always get my parents to check if the food is alright.

When someone vomits I get all shaky and sweaty and start crying in hysterics and running around counting to ten trying to calm myself. Sometimes I just hear things that are not true, but I think they're true and I have panic attacks.

My family make these vomiting noises and pretend they're vomiting and my little sister makes herself vomit just to annoy me and I get really scared and cry in my bedroom.

My mum is thinking about getting a specialist to see me. I'm up at 11 o'clock pm right now because I'm scared I'm going to ... you know.

The other night at skating I kept having panic attacks on the ice and my coach didn't know what to do. I'm almost crying now.

People think I'm such a wimp because I'm a phobic, but now I know that there are other people just like me.

However, I'd rather DIE than, you know. Some of the bullies from school make jokes about me and pretend to vomit.

On top of my phobia I get bullied at school so I have a bit of a harsh life. I just wish that there was no such thing as vomiting because if I ever say that word again I'd just die!

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