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I know how you feel :(
by: Amy

Oh gosh I really think you should see a specialtist, therapist to help you! youre 10 years old and you should really be able to have fun enjoy life..every kid should!
I'm 17 and i just started having this emetophobia extremely bad about two months ago, i mean I've always had it but not where it controls my life. I'm pretty much home 90% of the time, homeschooled and such. It's such a horrible thing to deal with, and I know how people just don't seem to understand, it's so hard to eat, and you get feelings of anxiety/panic attacks. But you got to tell yourself, "I will not be sick" just eat healthy take care of your body most likey you will not be sick.
There's a 50 year old man and only got sick twice in his life. There's a woman who I know and she can always control the urge to bleghh..( I hate saying the word too! haha!)
You'll be okay!:)

Take care <3

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