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me too
by: Sabrina

I am afraid of being normal too. Though maybe it's more of being afraid of being lost in a crowd. I find myself achieving at school for no other reason than being better than everyone else, I try to wear unique clothes (even if I don't think they are cute), My hair is extremely curly and extremely blonde and that's the way I like it. I can't seem to shut up. Ever. I always have to say my opinions, too because... well, I guess part of my fear is having to be heard.

I really hope this helped you. If anyone wants to talk more, my email is: brina_garst at

Not Afraid of Being Normal
by: Anonymous

It's imprinted in human genetics to try to BE normal, so you're not afraid of being normal.
You're afraid of being rejected if you're normal. If you're different then you expect and, generally, accept rejection. If you're normal you expect acception. But obviously you were normal before, but was rejected, so you became different.
You're afraid that if you become normal again, then you'll again be rejected (without you wanting or expecting to be rejected.) So you stay different.
This can be cured.
Either A) You will learn that people aren't so bad and won't immediately discriminate against you; or B) That seeing as you're afraid of being rejected if you're normal, you're actually EXPECTING to be rejected, so you can be normal and not be fearful.
I have/had the same problem.

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