My Traumatophobia

by jordan
(Untied States, Indiana)

Traumatophobia, i had been horribly afraid of sharing this with other people but i have a Traumatophobia. mine is very stragne but its somthing i have to deal with everyday. i have a fear of my Optic Nerve(the part of your body that keeps your eye in your head) Being Cut, or sliced. its not somthing you hear everyday, but i never went a day in the past 2years without thinking about it. I don't really know how this had gotten started. i Didn't watch this in a movie of some sort or see it on tv, but i'm posotively Terrified of somthing happening to my optic nerve. i can be doing the most normal thing not even around somthing sharp and i'll just start panicing.once its in my mind it won't get out untill i fallasleep.

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