My thunderstorm phobia!

by Emily
(Waterford Michigan)

So when I was in the 5th grade we had a tornado (June 8, 2008) and I was with my cousin who is 32 but very immature, and she had two children with us at the time. I was freaking out because my sister was home alone and my mom was on the road!
So the reminder of that summer I freaked out about the weather every single day even if it was sunny or not. That’s when the good old Weather Channel and I met(:
Last summer I wasn't as bad but every time we had a sever thunderstorm warning I would call my grandma up,(my mom works during the day) who live pretty close and she would come over and she would cuddle with me on the couch or tried to make me do something else, like paint her toe nails. So when the fall/winter time came I couldn't be happier, this spring we have only had one sever thunderstorm warning and I was on spring brake so when I called my grandma and she didn’t answer so my uncle came over and he tried to make me face my fears and we sat upon the porch and watch/listened to it. I have a sister and she just turned 17 and she thinks that since I don't cuddle her or call my grandma she thinks I don't like her or hate her or something and it's not true I just feel safer with my grandma, my mom or my dad.
Now every time it is supposed to thunderstorm I sit on the computer or sit and watch the Weather Channel for updates I used to shake and cry but now I don't I have gotten alot better and have decided I want to be a meteorologist (weather woman). Any way I want this to end, I think im scared of dieing is why im scared or having another tornado, every June 8 is a nightmare for me, every one has bad days and that's definitely mine! By the way I was 10 during the tornado, and 13 since April.

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