My story. Apeirophobia?

by Lurs

I remember waking up at night sitting alone in the living room, and imagining that i create something that is covering everything. I don't know how to explain it but i was feeling guilt that i was doing something very wrong.
Other times i wake up and start panicking about something i cant even remember now, but at that point it seems very clear what i had to do but it was impossible to be done. Mathematically?

Usually i start running up and down in the house waiting to finish. those are my big attacks that i don't get very frequently, but the feeling i get at those attacks is the same one i get randomly when i think about infinity in any form, or thinks that cannot be solved or comprehended.
I get these feelings for many reasons including thinking in microscopic level, sub-atomic, or very large distances(>>>>light years), or even when thinking something that is “alone”, for example if I think about a rock on an asteroid traveling through space light years away from everything (i know... ).
When i get that feeling i look away and think something different because i know where that feeling leads to.

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