My sticker phobia has gotton worse!

by Myra
(Northern Ireland)

I'm a afraid of stickers,weird yes I know.I finally googled this yesterday and found out I'm not alone and that this phobia actually has a name,Pittakionophobia.I'm very thankful its not just me.
I don't remember having this fear when I was younger in fact I used to love sticker books,but as soon as I hit the teenage years it kicked in.I'm 17 now and I can't stand them what so ever.My little sister gets sicker books and I flip out because they drop out over the floor and she puts them everywhere.My parents know now because they've seen me get freaked out and they way I go into panic mode.My dad makes fun of me though and so do my sisters.I have to always get my mother to take clothe price stickers of those disgust me the most. I've told no body besides my family I know my friends would tease me and do something stupid like stick it on me.I hate name lable stickers so much espisaly when they start peeling off and just hanging there I just want to get sick.Lately though I've started to smell things to the extreme espesialy drinking glasses.I won't drink out of them if it smells odd like dishwasher I can't handle it.I hate wet tissue paper/toliet paper on the floor and get disgusted at dirty hands.I don't know if this is related but I'm starting to feel like a neat freak.I can't take the nausia feelings and the panic attacks I get from these things anymore. Any comments or advice would be appresiated thanks :)

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