My serious fear of Midgets

by Dee Van De Straat

I find it very hard to discuss this issue, and people laugh at me and make fun when i tell them my fear.
It all started when my father took me to the circus when i was about 6. I saw a little man about 3 foot if that with a long beard. I did not not notice him to much until he got closer to the stall where we were standing. All i can remember is screaming so bad my father had to take me out of the circus. I was very shaken and was being sick outside. My parents do not understand what freaked me out till this day and neither do i. When i see a midget i become very distressed and i run for my life. My family have witnessed me leaving everything and running. The thought at the time it was amusing, but i would be left in a state of panic and would cry. My family and my husband seriously think it is funny, but it is such a fear i have i find it very hard to deal with. I will not watch any films with midgets in them, as i will leave the room feeling shaken, i however do not have nightmares. My doctor and mother told me i was not being fair as it is a medical condition and it is not nice of me to make people that suffer with being a midget feel horrible. I do not intend to but this is what i suffer with. I feel helpless and i am tired of people mocking and making fun of me. My children find it hard to understand why their momma has this fear. I need some help with this as i cannot go through life with this.

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