My phobias are taking over my life!

by Terah
(Indiana )

Hubby and I

Hubby and I

I'm 25 years old so when I tell people about my "irrational" fears most people joke about it, but in all honesty I am afraid of everything.

My worst fear though is severe thunderstorms, especially tornadoes. Anytime there is a severe thunderstorm coming I have knots in my stomach for days and plan on having people with me or going somewhere safe.

I'm constantly afraid there is going to be a tornado warning and have extreme crying spells and anxiety attacks during storms.

It got so bad that I carry a weather radio around on days I know it's supposed to storm and I am always checking or my local news all day. It is seriously taking over my life.

One time I stayed at work 3 hours over because I didn't want to drive home during the storm. I call in on days that I can't make it and I know it's going to end up ruining my job someday.
I also have other fears like if I drive over a bridge I have to roll down my window. That way if I crash I will be able to swim out...Since I've had my daughter I won't even do that anymore because I'm scared that I won't be able to unbuckle her carseat in time to get out. I also hate driving under bridges, germs (I sanitize everything, use paper towels to touch doorknobs, and I never sit on public toilets), I also always have to be the one to drive. I will not ride with anyone else because I am constantly afraid of being in a wreck. I used to not be afraid of earthquakes until we had one a year ago and now I'm always thinking about my escape plan if one happens again.
The thing I don't understand, is that I was never afraid of these things until a few years ago. I used to love storms and everyday I seem to get new phobias and become more afraid. If anyone knows how to help me please email me at


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