My phobia of sharks

by Brandon

I'm scared of sharks and I get scared watching them on TV. I got it from the jaws ride in Disneyland. I was 4 years old I went on the ride, because my mother thought it would be a fun ride for the family O_O.

I hate going into the ocean and lakes because I think a shark will attack me. I hate shark horror movies. I want onto the jaws ride again but it made things worse.

I have nightmares about swimming in the middle of the ocean at sunset and the sharks start swimming towards me and starts swimming around me. Then it gets dark and they start bumping into me. What real freaks me out in the dreams sometime the shark bites my leg and starts pulling me under and when I wake up my leg feels like something was actually squeezing my leg.

I'm scared of sharks but at the same time I find them interesting. Why that is I have no idea. I would be great to find someone who could help me with this phobia.

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