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me too
by: Anonymous

me too i cant stand it the sound doing it or being around in the 5th grade a boy barfed in the garbage and wiped his mouth sat at his desk and started reading unbelivabele right so gross. i live on a farm and i am totally not a girly girl but that is soo gross. when my sisters were sick i would spend all my time in the barn with my horses.

phobiaof being sick
by: Anonymous

hi its nice 2 hear of other people having phobia of being sick im glad it not just me. I have got 2 young children which i am always fearing that they r going 2 be sick when i am ere on my own i can,t even comfort them when they r both ill because all it think about is r they going 2 be sick i get really panicky and i go really white this phobia is really ruining my life and i just don,t know wot 2 do is there any 1 out there who can help or give me sum advice on how 2 cope with my children or even myself when being sick or feeling sick.

Me too!
by: Rebecca

I have been a mother for 14 years I have 4 children. I freak out like to the point of passing out and losing feeling in my hands and feet. Panic Attacks are the worst!! I feel so helpless because no one in my family understands!! I pray about it, but life happens and I have to leave if anyone in the house gets sick with tummy aches!! I feel sooo terrible!! Thanks for sharing your story. I can tell you "ME TOO!!!"

Fear of vomiting
by: Anonymous

Wow! i didnt kno other people suffered from this as well! i have had this same fear forever. and hadnt thrown up in over 8 years, and when i finally did i thought the fear would subside. but instead it got way worse and i completely stopped eating because i feared that whenever id eat i would throw up. i am in the process for being admitted into a clinic for that now. what i wanted to say mainly though is that in the mean time i have been introduced to a natural powder suppliment called Inositol. simply mix it into a lil bit of water and drink! it tastes like less sweet sugar so its not gross or anything. this has significantly made my panic attacks slow down and i am able to eat a lil more now without freaking out. i highly recomend it! because i am also afraid of swallowind pills. you can get it at Vitamin Cottage

I have too
by: Anonymous

I have throwing up phobia. I have this phobia since I was a child. If some is going to throw up I'll run away as soon as possible. If I feel sick, I'll ask doctor to help me in order not to throw. But now I have a big problem, I'm the age of having a baby, but I was afraid of morning sick. Many people told me not everyone has morning, maybe you won't get it. I know, but that is "maybe". I don't have any courage to have a baby. I need help.

solutions to your fear.
by: Anonymous


i read about your fear. You dont need to worry about vomiting or throwing up. Throwing up is a symptom of heart attack or cancer or other illnesses. Only people with those medical conditions throw up. just by thinking about or worrying about throwing up is nothing and nothing to be worryed about. Some people even enjoy throwing up and they feel better by doing so.

I have this too, I think!
by: Anonymous

Wow, I didn't really think that this would be a phobia.
I do that too, where whenever my family is sick I ask them a lot if their stomach hurts or if they feel like they're going to puke.
I also think about throwing up when I lay in bed. It's probably because almost every time I've had the stomach flu, I find out during the night.
I wish I could find something to make it stop...just writing this comment made me think about it and it's not fun at all. ):

I am scared of it two
by: Anonymous

I know I have the same exact fear but i have gerd so i am truly miserable and when i get pms i am always nausea i cant even watch movie with it

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