My Phobia is simply strange! What is it?

by Veronica

Ok, everytime i try to explain my phobia, I can't...and people look at me like I have 20 heads...

I get goosebumps, and get traumatized by things that look weird and round, like:

Turkey or chicken Skin
SOme hairy stuff as well (insects, larvaes, etc) or even people with lose patches of hair

The worst of all. Last year, I got an email with something that up to today leaves me simply SICK...for the look of it...
It was an email about Larvae in Human Breast, which apparently was a joke, but just the look of the picture GOT ME SICK...and left me with goosebumps for weeks...

I have come to the conclusion that weird things that have round shape look weirs to my eye, sometimes pointy stuff also makes me ICKY!


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